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The Most Sophisticated and Latest Models of Luxury Cars

Each unit costs more than $100,000. The entire lineup of Aston Martin, Bentley, Maybach, Maserati and Rolls Royce are all considered luxury cars. The top-performing variants of flagship cars from Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche which are ultra-high performance cars also exceed the $100,000 USD mark and are regarded as luxury automobiles.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

One of the most popular brands of car in the world is Mercedes-Benz. The most sophisticated and latest luxury unit from this company is Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, a luxury grand tourer automobile. This cool-looking car was unveiled in 2009 in Europe. The initial price or MSRP for this luxury vehicle is €177,310. It will be marketed in the US in mid-2011 for less than $200,000.


  • This super car’s transmission is 7-speed dual-clutch semi automatic.
  • It is the cover car for the PlayStation 3.
  • It was the safety car for the 2010 Formula One season.
  • Fuel consumption of this amazing car is around 13 L/100 km.

Maserati Gran Cabrio

The Maserati Gran Cabrio is an awesome-looking convertible version of GranTurismo S Automatic with canvas roof which was unveiled in 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show its production started in 2010 and it will be called the GranTurismo Convertible in the United States. This luxury car is powered by 4.7-liter 440 PS (324 kW; 434 hp) V8.


  • It is powered by 4.7 liter 440 PS V8.
  • This car’s transmission is 6 speed automatic.
  • It can attain a top speed of 285 km/h.

Lamborghini Murciélago

Lamborghini is a popular maker of sports cars and one of its most luxurious models is the Lamborghini Murciélago. This high-performance two-door, two-seat sports car, which is often regarded as a supercar, was introduced in 2001. LP 670-4 SuperVeloce is the final variation to wear the Murciélago nameplate. This amazing car is powered by the largest and final evolution of the historic Lamborghini V12 engine. Production of the Murciélago ceased in November 2010 with a total production of 4,099 units.


  • It is powered by V12 engine.
  • It can attain a top speed of 342 km/h.
  • This luxurious sports car is 6 speed manual.

Maybach 62 Zeppelin

Maybach, another luxury car maker, launched its latest luxury model in 2009 – the “Zeppelin” on the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. It can be ordered on both the Maybach 57 and 62.


  • It is consists of special California beige leather with Stromboli-black stitching, piano black lacquer finishes and silver “Zeppelin” champagne glasses.
  • The exterior has exclusive 20″ chrome wheels and dark-red taillights.
  • It is powered by 6.0L V12 Twin-Turbo with 640 bhp (477 kW; 649 PS)
  • The word ‘ZEPPELIN’ is also incorporated into the triangular ‘M’ hood ornament.

Aston Martin Rapide

The Aston Martin Rapide is the latest luxury model released by Aston Martin in 2010. This four-door, high-performance sport saloon, which was first presented as a concept in 2006, has a base price $199,950.00.


  • The car features a full-length glass roof.
  • It can attain a top speed of 303 km/h.
  • It also features LED light bars on the rear end.
  • It includes a tilt-telescoping steering wheel.
  • The car is equipped with bi-xenon headlamps and LED tail lamps.

Additional features:

    • Power front seats with memory and heating
    • Bluetooth
    • Satellite radio;
    • USB and iPod connectivity

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 – The Boss’s Father and Angry Brother

Faithful to the original, except for surpassing it in every way.


The Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca is the base Boss’s angry brother, intended for buyers whose Sundays are spent worshiping apexes as much as deities. What you first notice about the track-tuned Laguna edition—apart from its protruding NASCAR-style adjustable front splitter—is that there’s a tubular-steel X brace where the back seat used to be.

2012 Ferrari Ff

Ferrari’s First Four-Wheel Drive Model

A completely new car by Ferrari, shooting break design, four wheel drive, and it can seat 4 people. The FF, an acronym for Ferrari Four, has a new direct-injection 6.3L V12 engine that produces 651 hp and 504 lbs of torque. The advance four-wheel drive system, called the 4RM is about 50% to the most advance system next to this one and has a control called 4RM control, with full integration of all controls, including the  F1-Trac, E-Diff and PTU. The FF is to replace the 612 Scaglietti.

The top speed is 208 mph, also makes it one of the fastest Ferrari’s ever built, the FF can sprint 0-60 in 3.6 seconds, it’s gearbox is a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Though the FF doesn’t follow the tradition of being a 2 seater, Ferrari aims to go into different markets with this car, for more sales of their cars.

Other features of this car include, magnetorheological damping system (SCM3) and Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes. The fuel efficiency is a MPG 15 combined and CO2 emissions are lower, to 360 gr/km, thanks to the o the HELE (High Emotions- Low Emissions) System which incorporates Stop&Start technology, which means that the car will shut off when it is not moving, for instance at a stop sign or stop light. The FF also comes with ABS/EBD and ESC.

It’s shooting brake design, meaning a 2 door estate, done by Pininfarina, was made to have more space for rear passengers and cargo space, to make it a much more practical car, while some people may speculate that the FF won’t be for everyone, based on height, but Ferrari claims that the FF can even comforting seating tall passengers.

The FF was first unviled at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show The price of the FF is said to be around $700,000 USD and to go on sale beginning of next year.

Tips for Buying Car or Truck Custom Wheels

Tips for Buying Car or Truck Custom Wheels.

It is terribly tough to buy around for custom wheels for your truck or automobile. the rationale why it’s thus onerous is that there are thousands of various designs and sizes that may build it tough to decide on the most effective product. the most effective thanks to comprehend what you would like is to raise yourself a few of queries.

Question #1 – what’s my budget: what proportion do i would like to pay? Knowing how massive your budget and also the quantity you would like to spend can assist you to work out what size and magnificence of tires you’ll be able to afford to shop for. Question #2 – Is chrome in my budget or do i want to remain with polished or painted steel and aluminum? the foremost expensive wheels that are on the market are the chrome wheels.

Tips for Buying Car

How you answered the primary question can verify what sort of metal you’ll be able to afford to shop for. Question #3 – What sort of end do I prefer? another time, budget are going to be a large consider determining if you’ll be able to have chrome, however you may still have to be compelled to selection between polished aluminum and alternative alternatives. it’s vital to grasp that polished aluminum needs lots additional maintenance than alternative finishes, but if you utilize the correct tools and polishes still as use a high speed drill, you will not have to be compelled to pay the maximum amount time on it as if you probably did it by hand. it’s additionally vital to guard your finishes although you have got a powder coated or painted rim. you must wax wheels that are painted on a daily basis to guard them from brake mud and alternative irritants. If you have got painted wheels all you would like to try to to is wash them often so that they keep clean. Again, brake mud will decide on any sort of wheels to cause rust spots which will injury and permanently stain your wheels. Once you establish your budget and what sort of finishes and designs you wish, you’ll be able to move on to future a part of the method. Knowing what proportion cash you have got to pay and also the size you would like can facilitate lots. future factor you would like to work out is what color and end you’d wish to have.

Figuring out the dimensions, color and end can extremely slender your selections down lots and build it easier to decide on. Your next step would be to seem at completely different designs and determine what kind would best fit your automobile or truck. Your rim dealer will offer you lots of recommendation during this space, however here are some tips you’ll be able to use still. as an example, a automobile that has front wheel drive has what’s called a “positive offset,” which implies that the wheel’s face is toward the fringes of the wheel itself. Older vehicles that have rear wheel drive still as trucks have what’s called a “negative offset,” which implies that the wheel’s face is in deeper with a mounting surface that’s offset regarding halfway. Newer trucks and SUVs can sometimes have a “mid offset,” which means that it’s additional toward the positive facet compared to what you may see on a customary automobile, supplying you with a and thirty offset as opposition a and thirty eight offset. For your data, those numbers are set in millimeters.

2012 Acura Tl

Facelifted, Fourth Gen TL.

Acura has given the TL some tweaks and new bumpers for the 2012 model year, including a redesigned front grill, which makes the car a bit more appealing. Many other tweaks were done to the interior and the engine, also, a few new features were added to the car.

Some of these new features include, a downshifting rev-matching in the automatic multi-clutch gearbox, which allows the driver to downshift two gears at once, as a result, sharply improves deceleration when stopping. The interior has received new seats that feature a ventilating system with six heating systems, the navigation system gets a bigger harddrive, now 60 GB, to store more data.

Other new bits on the TL include, new rims, 18 inch, 5 spoke alloys, improved soundproofing in the interior, the Blind Spot Information System, that was first introduced by Volvo, then there’s the improvements to the engine, Acura somehow got another 2 mpg out of both the 3.5L and 3.7L engines, while still be able to carry over the same six-speed gearboxes from the pre-facelifted models, without worrying about any extra stress, thanks to tweaks that created less engine stress and noise, which makes the car 3dB quieter at highway speeds.

Pricing for the new TL starts at $35,605 USD, with the TL SH-AWD trim that comes with Advance Package, to cost $45,085 USD.

15 Rules for Calling Shotgun

Are you tired of having fights with your friends every time you go to the movies or out for dinner on who gets to sit next to the driver? Believe it or not there are over fifty semi strict and/or goofy rules that determine who gets to sit in the shotgun seat. All these rules are considered to be in effect, however the driver has the final say and can void all shotgun calls under his discretion.

  1. The first person to yell “SHOTGUN” gets to ride in the front seat.
  2. The shotgun caller must be in within clear sight of the car, and the driver must be able to hear the shotgun call.
  3. Shotgun cannot be called until both you and the driver are outside any building you may be leaving.
  4. You cannot call shotgun once somebody has previously called it for the ride. First person to call it gets it.
  5. If you are picked up first to be picked up you automatically keep it for the rest of the ride.
  6. When there is a tie amongst the shotgun callers, there is a foot race to the passenger side door of the vehicle but it is only for the people who are involved in the tie.
  7. Shotgun cannot be called in advance, for example while you’re in the car or at your destination you cannot call the return trip until the other rules permit.
  8. Once shotgun has been called the driver has the option to reload. A driver can use this to void all previous shotgun calls. It is especially useful in the event the driver doesn’t like the person that won the call. Keep in mind, a shotgun only hold two shots.
  9. If there are multiple passengers then after shotgun has been called you can effectively call back left, back right ect. Essentially this leaves the slowest person with the middle seat.
  10. If the owner of the car is drunk or for some other reason chooses not to drive, then he/she is automatically given shotgun.
  11. Shotgun overrules “baggsies”, “dibbs”, “calling” it and any other slang version of the official calling of shotgun.
  12. If the rightful caller of shotgun pulls the door too soon and jams the lock requiring the driver to unlock it again they forfeit all rights to shotgun.
  13. However a driver’s girlfriend/boyfriend is not required to call shotgun.
  14. Women do not automatically get shotgun, as men and women are created equal.
  15. When riding in a two or three door car, it is the responsibility of the shotgun caller to allow them to crawl in on their side, and open any door that is not able to be opened by the passengers in the back.

Like I said there are tons of different rules for calling shotgun, but these were the ones I found to be the most commonly known, and most basic needed to understand the calling of shotgun. There are also a few I don’t agree with such as the person sitting shotgun receives a speeding ticket if they fail to spot a police car. I omitted the ones I thought to be unfair or just plain stupid. Any funny stories out there about a shotgun call?

Your Car Towing Options

There are plenty of things to consider when towing your car, all of which contribute to the type of towing system you choose. Here’s a breakdown of the three most common ways to tow your car around.

This type of towing involves a flatbed trailer. Flatbed towing is one of the safest ways to transport your car. If you’re moving, there are numerous services that use flatbed towing to get your car to your new home.

Flatbed trailers normally have four wheels placed together at the center of the trailer, balancing the weight of the towed car while preventing any swaying. Loading is a simple matter of driving your car onto the trailer, parking it, and securing it.

Flatbed trailers don’t require any adjustments to your car’s power train, which means you can use one regardless of your car’s layout or transmission. Aside from a hitch, you won’t need to buy any extra parts. The car also takes less wear during the trip as no part of the towed car makes contact with the road.

Your Car Towing Options

However, flatbeds tend to be pricey. A flatbed trailer will also be heavier than a used tow dolly, decreasing gas mileage for the coach vehicle. Low- and mid-quality flatbed trailers rely on the brakes of the coach vehicle, putting that extra bit of wear on them.

Tow Dollies

A car tow dolly is a two-wheeled trailer with slots and ramps for just the front tires of your towed vehicle. Thus, while the front tires are supported by the tow dolly, the rear wheels remain in contact with the road.

The tow dolly is perfect for cars with front wheel drive, which won’t need any modifications. Your drive shaft will be free to spin and you won’t register any miles on the odometer. However, for a rear or all-wheel drive vehicle, you’ll have to take a few extra steps of preparation, which includes removing the drive shaft.

However, an RV dolly is a lighter and more affordable alternative to a flatbed.

Tow Bars

Flat towing is a method in which the all four of the towed car’s wheels are in contact with the ground. This requires a tow bar. Tow bars come in three main types: rigid A-frame, self-aligning coach-mounted receivers, and self-aligning towed vehicle-mounted receivers.

Tow bars are less expensive than a dolly or flatbed and are also much lighter. However, a tow bar will also cause your tires to wear out more quickly, and as with tow dollies, it’s a good idea to disconnect the drive shaft. Many people go around this by putting the towed car in neutral, which can be rough on your car and its engine.

10 Ways to Recession Proof Your Car

Comedian and social commentator, James England, discusses several ways people whom have little to no collateral assets can turn a likely future of starvation and cannibalism into excitation and fiscal liberalism!

Hey meatsacks, it’s your friend and stalwart traveling companion, James England.  I’m back again to give you guys a couple tips on how to recession proof your collateral assets.  You may have noticed, but the US is in a bit of a frumpy downturn with the whole massive devaluation of the US dollar, general incompetence, and probably a bright future in rioting.  I’m here to talk about the UP SIDE of the DOWN SIDE.

I’ve taken an object that many of you probably own: your vehicle.  In this case, I own a 2008 Volvo S80.  It’s cool.  Chicks dig it.  But I don’t own it outright and I wanted to let you all on a little secret: there are no such things as experts.  That’s a myth created by satan to capture and destroy your ever-loving soul.

Anyhow, onto car talk!

1.)  Put everything you own, or want to own for the foreseeable future, into your car or vehicle.  Does it all fit?  Good.

2.)  Now place your loved ones or anyone you want to maintain a long and steady relationship with into the car.  Does he/she/it fit?  If not, you’re going to have to start making some sacrifices.

3.)  Look into your refridgerator.  Is there food in there?  Will it survive inside your car?  No?  Start eating.  Obesity isn’t going to be a problem for very much longer.  Diptheria, dysentary, AIDS, and possibly malaria will be in your immediate future, but definitely not obesity.

4.)  Stock up on non-perishibles like dried beans and rice.  Those will last you a little longer and you’re going to be boiling a lot of water while you’re travelling to your next safe haven.

5.)  Have a daughter or son or both?  Congratulations!  You now have collateral assets!  Don’t think about this one, too much.

6.)  How many miles to the gallon does your vehicle get before it runs out?  That’s considered your “optimal distance” or how far you have to go before you start walking or are enslaved.

7.)  Where is your nearest source of clean, reliable water that you don’t have to purify?  Can your car or vehicle make it there?  If not, disregard all previous steps.

8.)  Have a gun or firearm?  Count the number of bullets you have.  As many as you have, make sure to keep one for yourself and any one or thing you don’t want to be violently fallen upon by the hoardes.

9.)  Faith in humanity.  If it still fits in your car after you’ve practiced loading all the worldly possessions you want to take with you and your family/close loved ones, make sure to proudly display it for all the other future cannibals and rapists to see.

10.)  Cormac McCarthy’s book, “The Road”.  Read it.  Know this is your future.  No matter what happens or what anyone ever tells you, it’s all a lie.  You will probably live long enough to see human beings acting at their very worst, and you may yourself, at times, act upon those same impulses that comes from decades and generations of being raised in an ever-present lie that we can all live in peaceful harmony and segregation.

The Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

In this day and age, your car is as valuable as a horse was back in 1800. Keep carriage in good condition is very important, but there are still many people who are unsure about exactly what steps to take to ensure your vehicle is in excellent condition. There are some basic things you can do to do this, however.

Change the oil in the schedule recommended by your service provider. This is usually every 3000 miles, but is up about 4,000 miles does not severely affect the performance of your vehicle.However, it is best changed every 3000 miles, if possible. Whoever gets to change the oil in general, place a sticker on the windshield that lets you know when to come back and do it again changed. Use the same.
Whatever you do, however, do not forget your tires. Has good quality tires that are all the same size and are properly inflated is very important to prevent accidents. Over inflated tires can cause the tire to wear out much faster in the center than outside but inflated tires can cause breakouts. On vehicles that are high in the ground as the SUV, you can turn around after a puncture. Keep your own pressure gauge your vehicle so you can test the air when the tires, because the meters in the air pump service stations are often inaccurate at best.

The battery is the most important thing you need to make and care for. If you buy a used car, the first thing you must replace the battery, because you do not know their history. Too many people who bought vehicles that work well the first week and then begin to have problems later, either by batteries and defective tires. Keep a pair of jumper cables in the trunk, if you have a new battery or not.Driving your vehicle is often important to keep the battery charged, so to drive a vehicle that is in storage is important to avoid having a dead battery.

Steering and transmission fluid is also something you should see.Transmissions are expensive to be replaced, no matter what vehicle you have, while the power steering fluid is needed if you have power steering. If no power steering while driving may cause you to have an accident.

10 Ugliest Cars of The Past 50 Years

Many, many cars are produced each year, so it is understandable that some turn out just plain ugly.

Many, many cars are produced each year, so it is understandable that some turn out just plain ugly. Over time, they may gain popularity, due to the fact that they are retro, however these 10 cars will always be design duds.

1. Corbin Sparrow

Made in 1999, designed by Michael Corbin, this 3 wheel car designed was for a single occupant. Its curved body makes it look like a big toe on wheels.

2. Chevrolet SSR

Made in 2003, this car has way too many curves, and looks like it belongs in a cartoon.

3. Bricklin SV1

Made in 1974, the front end of this car is bigger than the drivers cabin, and it looks like an unstable dress shoe.

4. Sebring-Vanguard CitiCar

Made in 1974, designed by Bob Beaumont, the fact that this car runs on electricity doesn’t make up for the way it looks, which is like a tent, because of its zip-up window.

5. Ferrari Enzo

Made in 2002, designed by Pininfarina, the superfluous curves of this car take overcompensation to a new level.

6. Bond Bug

Made in 1970, designed by Ogle Design, this 3 wheeled car, with a boat like bottom was actually legally driven on roads.

7.Volkswagen Thing

Made in 1969, this car looks like an engine, powertrain and seats were put in a metal box and put on for sale.

8. Citroën Ami

Made in 1961, designed by Flaminio Bertoni is a uniquely odd looking car with the back looking like a porch roof.

9.Matra Rancho

Made in 1977, designed by Antonis Volanis, made by the French to mimic the Range Rover looks like a pickup truck with oversized windows and the cargo section towering over the ret of the vehicle.

10. SsangYong Rodius

Made in 2004, designed by Ken Greenley, has a weird looking window in the back with an overextended roof, and brakelights that are way too big.