10 Most Profitable Consumer Car


For those of you who want to buy a car this year, does not hurt to buy a car alerts the previous years.

Because, you will benefit morethan buying a car this year’s output, the price is quite expensive and only slightly changed as well as design features. Automotive sites in the UK, Motor.co.uk, Wednesday, February 1, 2012, conducted a study to determine the 10 carsthat will be hunted, as beneficial to consumers this year. Here’s the full list: Premium cars are popular among the businessmen and families presents facility features luxurious and super comfortable. However, it is worth buying alerts BMW

1 Series 2010, due to a price of about 19,197 pounds, or about Rp272 million. Meanwhile, prices for alerts late 2011 reached 20,320 pounds, or around Rp288 million. With rising prices, you’ll want to choose a BMW series 1 series lansiran 2010. Additionally, this car has not changed significant features and models on alert 2012.

2. Ford Focus United States-made cars are also not changed its shape andfeatures on the newest generation (alert 2012). Alerts Ford Focus 2011 has a price tag of £ 11,207 or about Rp159 million. As for the newest generation valued £ 11,919 or about Rp169 million. 3. Fiat500 Italian small car is also not a significant price decline. Last year, the car that makes Jennifer Lopez as a brand ambassador that, priced at 9137pounds, or about Rp129 million. Meanwhile, in 2012, car prices rose to 9815 pounds, or about Rp139 million.

4. BMW 5 Series BMW is a premium sedan at lastyear priced at around 31,758 pounds, or about Rp450 million. This year, car prices rose to 35,590 pounds, or about Rp505 million.

5. AUDI A3 Sedan type car that also comes from Germany is known for comfortable and suitable for families traveling together. AUDI A3 last year released at a price of 18,437 pounds or about Rp261 million. This year, the price changed to 20,994 pounds,or about Rp297 million.


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