10 Ugliest Cars of The Past 50 Years

Many, many cars are produced each year, so it is understandable that some turn out just plain ugly. Over time, they may gain popularity, due to the fact that they are retro, however these 10 cars will always be design duds.

1. Corbin Sparrow

Made in 1999, designed by Michael Corbin, this 3 wheel car designed was for a single occupant. Its curved body makes it look like a big toe on wheels.

Corbin Sparrow

2. Chevrolet SSR

Made in 2003, this car has way too many curves, and looks like it belongs in a cartoon.

3. Bricklin SV1

Made in 1974, the front end of this car is bigger than the drivers cabin, and it looks like an unstable dress shoe.

Bricklin SV1

4. Sebring-Vanguard CitiCar

Made in 1974, designed by Bob Beaumont, the fact that this car runs on electricity doesn’t make up for the way it looks, which is like a tent, because of its zip-up window.

Sebring-Vanguard CitiCar

5. Ferrari Enzo

Made in 2002, designed by Pininfarina, the superfluous curves of this car take overcompensation to a new level.

Ferrari Enzo 

6. Bond Bug

Made in 1970, designed by Ogle Design, this 3 wheeled car, with a boat like bottom was actually legally driven on roads.

Bond Bug

7.Volkswagen Thing

Made in 1969, this car looks like an engine, powertrain and seats were put in a metal box and put on for sale.

Volkswagen Thing

8. Citroën Ami

Made in 1961, designed by Flaminio Bertoni is a uniquely odd looking car with the back looking like a porch roof.

Citroën Ami

9.Matra Rancho

Made in 1977, designed by Antonis Volanis, made by the French to mimic the Range Rover looks like a pickup truck with oversized windows and the cargo section towering over the rest of the vehicle.

Matra Rancho

10. SsangYong Rodius

Made in 2004, designed by Ken Greenley, has a weird looking window in the back with an overextended roof, and brakelights that are way too big.

SsangYong Rodius

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