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A More Valuable Prize

A More Valuable Prize

Beautiful love it originated from the sincerity of love.

The bus passengers look sympathetic when a young woman to look attractive and the white cane was carefully up the stairs. He paid the driver and, with hands groping chair, she walked down the hallway to find an empty chair that was said by the driver. Then he sat down, put down his bag and leaned his cane dipangkuannya on her leg.

A year has passed since Susan, thirty-four, became blind. Misdiagnosis because he lost his eyesight and thrown into the world of darkness, full of anger, frustration, and sense of self-pity.
As a very independent woman, she was cursed by a terrible fate that made him lose the ability, feeling helpless, and become a burden to everyone around her. “How could this happen to me?” he wondered, his heart hardened with anger. But, no matter how often she cries or sputter or praying, he understands the painful reality – his eyesight would never recover.

Susan discouraging depression which was always optimistic. Fill out all day is a struggle which is now exhausting and frustrating. He became very dependent on Mark, her husband. Mark an Air Force officer. He sincerely loves Susan. When his wife has lost her sight, she saw how she lost in despair. Mark was determined to help her find the strength and confidence she needed to become independent again.
Mark’s military background made him trained to deal with emergency situations, but he knows, this is the most difficult battle ever faced. Finally, Susan felt ready to work again. But, how would he get to his office? Susan first regular bus, but it is now too scared to go into town alone. Mark offered to drive her every day, even if their workplace is located on the opposite kotayang.

At first, the deal was made comfortable and Susan Mark was satisfied that the blind could protect his wife, who does not believe will be able to do even the simplest things. But Mark soon realized that the setting was wrong – make them in a hurry, and too expensive. Susan must learn to ride the bus again, Mark concluded to himself. However, new thinking to deliver the plans to Susan had made her uncomfortable. Susan is still very fragile, still very angry. What was his reaction be? Just like the alleged Mark, Susan horrified at the idea to ride the bus again. “I’m blind!” he said bitterly. “How could I know where I go? I feel you’re going to leave me” Mark was sad to hear those words, but he knew what to do. He promised that every morning and evening he would ride the bus with her, as long as necessary, until she memorized and can go alone. And that’s what happened. For two full weeks of Mark, using the full military uniforms, escorting Susan to and from work each day. She taught Susan how to rely on other senses, especially hearing, to find where she was and how to adapt to new environments. He helped Susan met and befriended the bus driver and leaving an empty seat for him. He made her laugh, even on days that are not much fun when she stumbled off the bus, or drop the bag full of files in the bus aisle. Every morning they set out together, after which Mark would take a cab to his office.

Although the setting is more costly and exhausting than the first, Mark believes that the only matter of time before Susan could take the bus without being escorted. Mark believed in him, believing that she had known before she lost her sight; women who have never been afraid to face any challenge and will never give up. Finally, Susan decided that she was ready to make the trip alone. It was Monday. Before leaving, she hugged her friend Mark who had been a bus and a best friend. Her eyes filled with tears, tears of gratitude for kindness, patience and love Mark. He said good-bye. For the first time they went in the opposite direction.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday … Each day lived perfectly. Susan had never felt as satisfied as it is. He did it! He was able to go to work without being escorted. On Friday morning, as usual, Susan took the bus to work. When he paid the fare before getting the bus, the bus driver said: “Well, I envy you”. Susan was not sure whether the driver was talking to him or not. After all, who could envy a blind woman who over the past year trying to find the courage to live life? Curious, he said to the driver, “Why did you say you’re jealous of me?” The driver replied, “You must love always be protected and dijagai like that” she did not understand what was meant by the driver. Once again he asked, “What do you mean?” You know, last week, every morning there is a handsome man in military uniform standing at a street corner and watch you when you get off the bus. He makes sure you cross the street safely and he continues to watch over you until you get into office. After that he blew a kiss, give the military salute, and went away. You’re a lucky woman, “the driver said. Happy tears wet her cheeks Susan. Because even though physically not able to see Mark, he was always able to ensure his presence. He was lucky, very lucky, because Mark gave a gift far more valuable than sight, a gift who do not have to see with his eyes to convince myself.

- Gift of love that could be lights wherever there is darkness -

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