Airline Passengers Documentation Problem

Cover of Personal Effects

I just want to share with you the proper documentations in sending personal effects, live animals and those materials which falls into dangerous goods.  Those who are regular passengers of airplanes and those regular senders of any goods to different countries. This is a simple tips to be followed.

When you send something to your love ones to another country, or if you are travelling in an airline with your baggages or luggages, do not just send them because you do not know that some items are falls in dangerous goods which is a major threat to the journey of the airline which might fall into an accident. There are some airline accidents in the past which caused by a dangerous goods. Thus, be careful in sending some items such as alcoholic beverages which contains a high percentage of alcoholic content, those matches and firecrackers, those beauty product and personal used with different types of chemicals, life saving jackets with air, those coconut oil with gasoline for the old which they use for massaging and rubbing. Asbestos is also prohibited.   Every Airline import department has a poster of phohibited items especially those passengers with personal effects. Be carefu and doble check also your items in your baggages or luggages. 

For Personal Effects Documentation   

Cargo as personal effects or unaccompanied baggage needs passport and airline ticket to avail 50% discount. This applies if you are a passenger. In the packing list you can write down all items inside the baggage. Please take out all items that falls as dangerous goods. Though airline personnel assist you, it is better to double check all items and write down all items inside the baggage for checking. Answer all questions in the form as a waiver for security matter. All cargoes must have an export declaration to be checked and signed by customs personnel. This is important before the cargo  manifested for a certain flight.

Live Animals Documentation

Either your cargo is domestic or not Airlines need a certain documents for all live animals. They need documents such as :

     1. Airway Bill

     2. Shipper’s Certification for Live Animals

     3. Acceptance Check Sheet – Live Animals

     4. Health Certificate for Export of Live Tropical Marine Ornamental Aquatic Animals

        ( For Live Tropical fIsh )

      5. Health Certificate For The Import Into The European Union Of Ornamental Aquatic Animals Intended For  Closed Ornamnetal Facilities.

      6. Packing List/Invoice – All Animals should have a common name and also scientific names.

      7. Other documents as per needed by Bureau of Agriculture.

All documentations as per IATA Live Animals Regulations. 

Dangerous Goods  

Cover of Personal Effects

     1. Airway Bill

     2. Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods

     3. Dangerous Goods Carried by Passengers or Crew

         A. Attache Cases, Cash Boxes/Bags

         B. Disabling Devices

         C. Liquid Oxegen Devices

         D. Electro Shock Weapons

         E. Ammunition

         F. Wheelchairs/Mobility Aids with Non-spillable Batteries

         G. Wheelchairs/Mobility Aids with Spillage Batteries

         H. Camping Stoves and Fuel Containers that have Contained a Flammable Liquid Fuel

         I. Security Type Equipment

         J. Mercury Barometer or Thermometer

         K. Lithium Ion Batteries

         L. Medical Oxygen

         M. Non Flammable Gas Cylinder Fitted into a Life Jacket

         N. Insulated Packages Containing Refrigerated Liquid Nitrogen (Dry Shipper)

         O. Avalanche Rescue Backpack

         P. Chemical Agent Monitoring

         Q. Carbon Dioxide, Solid ( Dry Ice )

         R. Heat Producing Articles

         S. Portable Medical Electronic Devices 

         T. Medicinal Toiletry Articles

         U. Aerosols

         V. Cylinders for Mechanical Limbs

         W. Cardiac Pcemakers/ Radio-pharmaceuticals

         X. Medical/Clinical Thermometer

         Y. Satey Matches or Cigarette Lighter

         Z. Alcoholic Beverages

             Hair Curlers

             Portable Electronic Devices containing Lithium Metal or Lithium Ion Cells or Batteries

Dangerous goods must be checked by the Airline Agent and must be documented to avoid problem.  All Dangeous Goods is based in IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. If you have questions about your baggage for Airline please contact me.       


Cover of Personal Effects


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