American Muscle Cars of The Three

Image by dicktay2000 via Flickr

Image by dicktay2000 via Flickr

Image by dicktay2000 via Flickr

t. Next we discuss the General Motors Camaro, Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang.

Starts with a discussion of muscle cars, many fans believe that all discussions must begin and end with the Mustang. After all has been around for a very long time, and it is certainly the most popular model of this distinguished class of cars were produced.

Ford has recently been very proud to announce that the new 2011 model is selling at a record pace. Month as orders for the first time exceeded 11,000 units the previous year. They attribute it to its new V6 engine that dramatically improved performance, while at the same time greatly increases fuel consumption. In fact they say it is to get 25% more miles per gallon, compared with 2010-model, which is a great success.

When the Dodge Challenger in 2008, many fans around the county were very pleased that this symbolic model would finally be available again. During the first year, was available only in SRT8 trim style, which produced a large amount of horsepower, but at the cost of fuel.

In 2009 they made some minor adjustments to the line and introduced its V6 engine options and R / T. They have also realized that to get more consumers to buy the car, a manual gearbox option will assist in the process.

In April 2009 Camaro returned to competition with 2010MY car. I had a good pair of engine options, which were the V8 engine that could produce up to 422 horsepower. The other option was a V6, which generated a very respectable 304 horsepower, while drivers in order to achieve an impressive 29 miles per gallon while driving on the road.

It appears that both Ford and General Motors are so pleased with their efforts, they will see how these cars will be exceptional in international markets. The two companies plan to launch in Europe.Remains to see how well accepted, however. Europeans are very careful when it comes to their cars, and it is known that the performance of the value of speed. In addition, gas prices in Europe will be two or three times more than the U.S., which can certainly put a damper on sales.

Most if not all fans of muscle are pleased that the Camaro, Mustang, Challenger and is back in action all the evidence together. Only time will tell gas prices rose, seemingly every day, if producers can continue to sell NOK of them to make a profit, and to justify its existence in the long term.

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