An Appreciation of Usdot Number

We have seen countless movie scenes that involve major accidents in interstate highways.  We saw that accidents involving large vehicles are not a laughing matter.  In reality, movie scenes do happen.  Huge numbers of lives and properties were lost because of interstate highway accidents.  It cannot be avoided be we can prevent accidents from going to happen.  Fortunately, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) was created in January of 2000 in order to established regulations concerning road safety among large vehicles.

            One of the actions implemented to scale down statistics of road accidents and its consequences was to implement Usdot Number. For ordinary citizens, they will wonder how is this thing will prevent accidents.  A little explanation is needed to elucidate the minds of common people.

            The FMCSA mandated all businesses that employ large vehicles to transport goods and / or people and use interstate highways must acquire Usdot Number before they can operate their business.  When they are registered, they become automatically enlisted in FMCSA Safety Awareness Program.  The mandate is not limited to registration only, companies must passed performance audit and probationary period of eighteen months in order to enjoy permanent status in the roster of members.  With this, the public is insured that safety is guaranteed within the trucking industry.

            Now, how do you know that these large vehicles are under close scrutiny with the FMCSA?  Each large motor vehicle must bear the marking on the truck.  The Usdot Number marking should reveal the following information; registered business or trade name, the number provided by FCMSA followed by letters “USDOT”.  It is mandatory that the marking should appear on both sides of these large motor vehicles.  And, finally, it should be printed in colors that are in contrast with the color of the vehicle and it can be read at a distance of fifty feet if the vehicle is immobile.

            Skeptical motorist would ask if this is enough to prevent unfortunate occurrence in the interstate highways. Arguably, it is not enough.  We also have to take note that not everything rests solely in the governing agencies.  Drivers and businessmen should also do their part in ensuring road safety every day.  Issuing this numbers is already a big step in making road safety a primary concern in the trucking industry.  Erring businessmen are forewarned already to conduct their business rightfully, and that they cannot operate legally if they refuse to comply.

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