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Aston Martin Vantage Part Seven

Aston Martin Vantage Part Seven

Car review.

At about 3 500rpm, it gets manic, inspiring and :horal as the superchargers shriek over the V8 bass. That a car with the frontal area the size of ft olverhampton – and weighing nearly two tons – can move so quickly with so few histrionics is astounding. Whatever the gear, such is the torque reread, you’re just picked up and hurled from :o int to point with whopping increments of speed : n applying light pressure to the accelerator. Only si top is it vaguely quiet. This isn’t a gentleman’s tipress, it’s a gentleman thug and it’s fantastic.

Such composure is unexpected. Sure you have ” 3 stay on top of it at speed, but it’s so comfortable ind airy you almost become desensitised to the ri iiculous power. At least until you next call upon t There’s deftness here, a sense of delicacy andassurance alien to many Astons. This isn’t a dragster. It will go round corners, and with the sort of finesse that, by rights, can’t be expected of a car that covers so much acreage. Yes, the traction control sometimes chimes in too early, acting a little too daddy knows best, but you can always turn it off if you’re brave or mad enough.

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