Audi a3 Concept with 408hp, The Next Generation Model

When the world premiere at the Motor Show in Geneva was approaching early this year, practically all car manufacturers worked competitively to remodel the older versions of their cars or making them anew.  The German automobile firm, too, did not lag behind and has joined the others in this style of ‘car race’! It has announced the release of its four-door, four-seater Audi Sedan in the year 2012. It has already released its sketches for preview, the sole purpose being to preview the latest saloon model and also the next style of its A3 series, a Concept car.

Today’s A3 is a hatchback with three doors, convertible models of two doors and the Sportback model with five doors. The latest Sportback models, A6, A7and A8, have a grille of single frame. This is carried on in the A3 saloon design too. It was on show in early March this year at the 81st International Motor Show in Geneva.

The upcoming notchback car of the A3 series is said to be a saloon variety. Its measurements are 14.57 feet/4.44 metres long, 6.04 feet/1.84 metres wide and quite low, at only 4.56 feet/ 1.39 metres height. Its length is slightly lesser than the comparative Volkswagen Jetta which is 4.64 metres long.

Audi A3 Sedan has an improved version of a five-cylinder turbo engine of 2.5 liter capacity, which supercharges the vehicle with 408 horsepower at its best.  This power is distributed to all the four wheels through AWD system and S-Tronic double clutch gearbox providing seven speed transmission. The headlights are angular and comprise of LED lights of the latest technology. Its body lines are taut and give an effect of a speeding car even when it is at rest!

One has to wait for its release in 2012 to see its new design, and its best performance in action

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