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Banish Bacteria and Virus Sars and H1n1 at The Helm

Banish Bacteria and Virus Sars and H1n1 at The Helm

Jakarta – Bacteria, fungi, viruses and even perched on the helmet would make a helmet for long aromatic odor. Well now, there are tools that can repel bacteria and fungi that are reluctant to perch on the helmet’s pet.

Sharp tried to touch the back of the automotive world through new tehknologi.

“We’ve done the research and testing to make Plasmacluster Ion for 10 years, starting in 2000 until now. Plasmacluster Ion this time we made to the riders who use helmets, which can be useful to eliminate bacteria and fungus that cause odor odor at the helm, “said Naoko Yamaguchi Business Product Planning Department. Health and Evironmental Systems Group, Sharp Corp.. Japan in a press conference at the Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jalan MH Thamrin, Jakarta, Wednesday (01/12/2011).

With research and surveys conducted, Sharp Plasmacluster Helmet Cleaner products are sure to be received very well. Sharp even claim Plasmaclusternya technology can counteract virulent viruses such as SARS to H1N1.

“Our sales target, 5,000 units per month, we believe that we have built with the cooperation Tarakusuma Beautiful helmet manufacturers such as INK, AGV and others, able to reach the target,” said Melianti, Home Appliances Product Manager. Sharp Electronics Indonesia.

With a selling price of Rp 599 000, – Plasmacluster Helmet Cleaner can
issued 25 000 positive and negative ions and takes only 2 watts of electricity.

The use of Plasmacluster Helmet Cleaner is very easy. Only by
put a helmet on top of Plasmacluster Helmet Cleaner and then press a button on it to remove ions, and the helmet is put on at night or for 6-8 hours.

“It will clean your helmet from viruses, bacteria, fungi, that cause odor and ready for use the next day. Other than that the use of this tool can reach 6-7 years of use,” added Melianti.

Sharp Plasmacluster was deliberately introduced Helmet Cleaner products in Indonesia, because Indonesia is seen from the people who loved the two-wheel drive.

“Judging from the last 10 years motorcycles have become a prime vehicle for the community and this is a good breakthrough,” says Marketing Director Tara PT Indah Kusuma (TKI) Henry Tedjakusuma.

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