Basics of Aircrafts and its parts

Those in the aviation industry should have a complete knowledge of aircrafts, its parts and the flying principles. This makes any job related to aviation industry a lot easier and convenient and safer. You always have instructors by you to guide and train you; however, in this article we have made an attempt to give you the basic knowledge of the much complex aircraft.

Parts of an aircraft: Before even you get into an aircraft, it is important to know its parts if you are planning for a career related to aviation industry. An aircraft is divided into several parts and some of them are called the ribs, ducts, wheels, brakes, windshields, propellers etc. There are many sites that sell some or all of these parts. It is important to have an idea about these parts and how they function.

Aviation Tools: There are many aviation tools used to build an aircraft. The ancient parts have now been replaced with latest technology and tools such as hearing protection, infrared thermometers, washers, rivets, screws, nuts, studs, bolts, metal saws, multimeter etc.  These tools help students who aim to be pilots later to become comfortable about their flying experience. They are the most basic necessities and hence it is important to get familiar with them.

Airplane GPS: The airplane GPS acts as its eyes and ears. It is the most essential part of the aircraft and also the flying lessons. The GPS is installed in the aircraft console; however for aircrafts that fly low and are small in size, GPS that are held in hand are provided. To outdo the existing GPS systems, many aviation companies come up with latest, highly technical systems which can be bought at the stores that supply aviation parts. These can also be easily installed in a normal sized plane.

To get the precise location and for easy navigation’s many planes now have LCD screens with very high resolutions. The display size is more and helps locate a place accurately. These LCDs are built to sustain any shock or pressure and have longer life; however such equipment’s are usually very expensive.

These are some of the primary parts of an aircraft. Apart from these, there are other parts as well such as cockpit, cabin etc. Some even think of seats, seat belts, over head bins, little tables etc. These are just the cosmetic parts.

An aircraft is made up of many parts and some of these require frequent replacements while some need not be replaced at all. Mainly objects that move continuously wear out quite soon and need frequent replacements. Some parts need to be replaced because they no longer look good. In such cases you need to buy these parts from the store and replace them. The constant demand for aviation parts has given rise to a lot of companies that deal with spare parts of planes. You need to identify the correct parts and give the required specifications to the companies. You also need to stay in touch with the suppliers and check for availability of the parts. It has been identified that there are about 5500 suppliers of plane parts across the globe. Thus to ensure safe landing and takeoff one should be aware of the parts of the aircraft and how and when they wear out and which need replacements.

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