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Car Brand is Most Fans on Facebook

Car Brand is Most Fans on Facebook

After defeating Toyota as a brand of high-value automotive, BMW returned to success as a car brand that successfully penetrate the 10 million Like the official fanpage.

BMW became the world’s most valuable brand in the category in 2012. (image: ZoomSphere)

Based on statistics from ZoomSphere, fanpage current BMW-202 ranks the world in terms of the acquisition of the number of fans on Facebook. Of this achievement for BMW, because it became the first automotive brand in the world that managed to penetrate the 10 million fans on Facebook.

BMW acquired the incision is still a long way when compared to Facebook fanpage which is ranked first with 67,069,129 Like the world, followed fanpage Like Youtube with 58,000,446 and Eminen in third place with a number of 57,402,838 Like.

Previously, the results of a survey of global consultancy in the United States, the Millward Brown BrandZ, establish BMW as the world’s most valuable brand in the category. In 2010, BMW really had occupied the throne.

But back to Toyota captured the following year. And now, BMW again took the title as a brand that has the highest value. While Toyota had to settle for second.

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