CAR Transport Terminology

Car transport is a service that involves expertise. Transportation is undertaken by valid and legitimate companies. Other companies have also come into picture due to a tremendous increase in the competition in the market.

Different terminologies are used in the auto transport industry. To understand the transportation process one must be aware of the different terms used. The list of auto transport terms is an incomplete list of terminologies used in auto transportation and to understand auto transport business one must be aware of it completely.

AUTO RACK: This phrase is used for a multi level rail car used for transporting automobiles. Usually this has two to three decks and about twenty to thirty cars can be moved at one time. These special carriers have end doors and metal side panels for the protection of the cars in transit from wear and tear.

AUTO TRANSPORT: Transport that is utilized to move your vehicle as freight is called auto transport. Transportation done nationally is done by reliable auto transporters.

CAR HAULERS: A company that does car transport business individually is known as car haulers.

CAR CARRIER: It is a specialized type of semitrailer that is utilized to move nine automobile at once. Sometimes the hydraulic ramps are used to operate the trailers.

LOCAL MOVE: Local move implies for the transportation at a distance lesser than two hundred kilometers.

DELIVERY NETWORK: A network in which there is utilization of trucks, railroads, ships is termed as delivery network. A powerful delivery network ensures better transport alternative.

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