Chevrolet Back to Suspend Production Volt

F: Chevrolet Volt (autoevolution)

Cessation of production and laying off employees 1,300 people was conducted at the Chevrolet plant in Hamtramck Assembly Detroit, USA. Thus was launched Inautonews, Sunday (04/03/2012).

Furthermore, the cessation of production is not for the Volt, but for the Opel Ampera is also discontinued. This is due to balance supply and withdraw from the sales target which was inaugurated in 2012 to 45,000 volts.

Plant closures will be conducted from March 19 to 23 April 2012. Closure is caused by sales also declined during January 2012 and then to model the Volt in the United States.

Meanwhile, after stopping the production of the Volt to five weeks. Chevrolet with General Motors (GM) will think of the changes that will be done on the Volt to be non-flammable.

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