Chrysler 300c, Sebring Y Dodge Avenger Y Nitro They Stop Selling in Espa

Between the regulation Euro V and the arrival of Consent to the shareholders of Chrysler, the offer of the brands of the North American group has diminished notably. Anyhow it is something temporary in some cases, since in a few months we will see the reappearance of certain products under other brands.

 In case of Chrysler, the range will limit itself from now to the Grand Voyager, stopping the sale of the Sebring and 300C. These two last ones will return throughout the year with important modifications and will be sold by the logo Lancia. In case of the monovolume the same thing will happen, but at the moment it is kept in his original format since it supports a level of acceptable demand.

As for Dodge, they eliminate the Nitro and Avenger. Neither one nor other one have had special relevancy on our market for what they will not be many that these models miss. The Journey are kept with diesel engine and the Caliber, recently updated and that released an engine of 2,2 liters and 163 more interesting CV for presentations and consumptions that the previous one 2.0 CRD of origin Volkswagen. Anyhow throughout the year the Journey it will receive some aesthetic changes Consent to join inside the range. According to the last news, he will be named Freemont and will substitute in certain way so much to Multiple as to the Ulysse, at least in the short term.

Jeep is the brand of the group that has realized fewer modifications as for variety of range. The Patriot and Commander have stopped his sale, but the Grand Cherokee, Wrangler and Compass have got up-to-date. The Cherokee is absent 2011, that it should be available in a few weeks and that as the Wrangler, it will increase the power of the engine 2.8 CRD up to 200 CV.

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