Classic Porsche Insurance

This is not the case with all insurers of course. One insurance company which is extremely well-versed in proving insurance for classic Porsche marques is undoubtedly Cherished Vehicle Insurance – or “CVI”. This company knows classic Porsches in particular, inside out, not least because it has become the exclusive sponsor of The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club – TIPEC.

CVI’s insurance policies give all classic Porsche enthusiasts a new alternative because the people who work for the company are classic car enthusiasts and owners themselves, so their quotations are very much based in real life experience and knowledge.

And if you’re a TIPEC member, CVI also offer 25% off the cost of your insurance premium. This can rally help take the financial sting out of classic Porsche insurance and is a great reason to join TIPEC as well.

What really sets CVI apart, though, when it comes to Porsches and other classic car insurances is the company’s in-depth knowledge of the marketplace. The company has a combined experience of almost 70 years’ experience of insurance and of owning, maintaining, and rebuilding a wide range of classic and specialist vehicles including Porsches.

CVI has a classic Porsche policy which can cater for almost all individual needs and which can be tailored to fit individual requirements such as limited mileage, modifications and track days.

You’ll probably run into CVI if you attend any of the major classic car shows around the UK as the company attends as many as it is able to.


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