Comparative Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Diesel vs.. Vw Touareg V8 TDI

Two of the biggest of the car global market and, in occasions, also of the street. Thanks to the Land Cruiser V8 and to the Touareg V8 TDI, Toyota and VW possess in his portfolio two of the most important 4×4 of the world panorama powerful engines V8 and whose price ascends in both cases to more than 70.000 Euros. In spite of these parallelisms, both adversaries are done of very different.

As it is possible to verify for his aesthetics, in spite of his black metallized painting and his decorative elements cromados, both have taken very different ways. The Toyota, bigger in every sense and with his robust aesthetics, is more orientated to the classic palates of the lovers of the SUV, whereas the Touareg, with ceiling type coupé and a more stylized body, bets for a more sports style. The Land Cruiser offers us his better image in the fields and the most steep areas, whereas in case of the Touareg, as good toy of luxury, his presence becomes more impressive before the gleaming buildings of the big cities.

In the paragraph of interiors, VW has struggled to convince to the maximum the most refined clients who show a special weakness for the luxury. Those who like the technical decorations of design and are to taste in the most modern hotels of luxury, also will enjoy his stay inside the VW. Unfortunately, Toyota cannot compete with similar quality and be able to do.

As soon as the passenger rises to manage to enter the cockpit, which waits for him is a landscape of leather with insertions in wood, super mariner and an excellent system of audio, though in the Land Cruiser everything seems to be orientated to the least demanding consumer and the finished ones show little love for the detail. On the contrary, the quality, the materials and the disposition of the elements of control (tactile and optical) of the VW leak luxury and elegance for all the pores.

Though for his stylized one and well designed exterior aspect nobody would say it, the Touareg also is the motor XLth of 4,80 meters of length. Nevertheless, in view of his exterior dimensions the offer of space is not not impressive at all. The Touareg has only 5 squares and, thanks to a back flip-top bank, the capacity of the porter increases from 580 liters to only 1.640 liters.

In case of the Land Cruiser, with seven squares of excellent dimensions, they have content between 655 and 2.320 liters thanks to his back inner door with horizontal division. Both seats of the third row, in which perfectly two adult persons can travel, can fold up or hide laterally. The seats of the second row also can begin easily ahead. In what yes these two giants of the road are joined it is the topic of the useful load: both overcome nearly 600 kilos, whereas the capacity of tow is coded in both cases in 3,5 tons.

What turns out to be really interesting in this one comparative they are his diesel engines V8 of prestige, with 4,1 liters of cylinder capacity in case of the VW and 4,5 liters in the Toyota. The former belief of which the cylinder capacity cannot be replaced with another thing that is not rolling is not confirmed in this case. Though the cylinders in a few bigger cushions expire well with his assignment, Toyota’s diesel propellent just develops 286 CV and a driving torque of 650 Nm.
 In case of the VW it is a question of 340 CV and 800 Nm that, in addition, must support in movement 350 kilos less. In addition, this enormous power is managed by an automatic specially suitable change of eight speeds for a propulsion by a longitudinal excellent dynamics. The VW can presume to be to the head in this aspect.

On the paper, the numbers of the VW ascend to 5,8 seconds and 240 km/h, whereas the house Toyota brings 8,2 seconds and 210 km/h. Nevertheless, according to our measurements the pitchfork is opened even more. On a causeway wetted by the rain, the Touareg managed a time of acceleration of 6,3 seconds, whereas the Land Cruiser was necessary 9,5 seconds.
 In spite of a clearly better dynamics, the VW V8 proves to be more modest in terms of consumption of fuel. His approved consumption is coded in 9 liters, whereas the Land Cruiser should need one more liter.

In the practice, the Toyota turns us to disillusioning enormously, since with a consumption of 13,4 liters the royal number moves away in more than 3 liters of the indicated one for the house. In case of the VW they are only 10,5 liters, in spite of showing a power of much better take-off.

Whereas the VW shows an evident advantage in highway, the Land Cruiser moves like a duck to water in the most steep areas. Thanks to his structure of plates of steel of high inflexibility, his correction of height hidroneumática, to his rigid later axis, to his integral traction and to his variable differential Torsen, the Land Cruiser possesses the most important components of hardware. To this it is necessary to add all kinds of electronic, such systems of help as the control of traction and stability, the control of slow advance, the control of ascent in earrings and the dynamic control of the chassis.

The Touareg V8 TDI is the temple of the technology and the most modern and exclusive luxury. On the contrary, the Land Cruiser V8 Diesel is a much rougher vehicle. Nevertheless, Toyota offers three evident advantages: his offer of squares and variability they are excellent and the exits for indomitable areas are for him bread shown restraint. For that his intention is to have a car to enjoy at par family and adventure, the Land Cruiser is undoubtedly the best option.

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