Crash Proof Your Teenager

Car wrecks are the number one killer of teenagers, and with most, alcohol is not involved. It’s the dangerous and thoughtless behavior teenagers engage in. The majority of teen accidents are caused by distractions like, other rowdy kids in the car, cellphones, texting, loud music and racing. Most kids know not to drink in the car but few parents remember to remind the kids not to take part in other life threatening behavior. In many cases many parents aren’t even aware that this is the conversation they should be having with their teenagers.

Sixteen teenagers die in car accidents every day and thousands more are injured. Drive with your child and go over all the inappropriate driving practices that you will not tolerate. Explain the rules and let the child know you will enforce them. Parents need to provide much supervised monitoring before the kid gets his license. It is scary enough to hand over the car keys to your teenager, but setting the rules and enforcing them can go a long way in keeping your teenager safe. Let your child know there will be consequences and follow through. Don’t be afraid to take the keys away from a misbehaving child.

Here are some good rules for the road:

No friends in the car without an adult present.

No driving after 10 P.M.

No distractions, such as changing a CD, eating, using a cell phone or texting, or putting on makeup.

Must wear a seat belt at all time.

Obey all traffic signals and laws.

And no alcohol or drugs.

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