Customizing Your Scion: A Beginners Guide

One of the biggest selling points for Scion automobiles is that they’re so customizable. Drivers can rest easy knowing that they’ll never have to see another automobile that looks exactly like theirs. A Scion xB or tC can become an extension of the driver’s personality and personal style. If you’re looking at Scions and are thinking about customizing one, you might be wondering where you should start.

Reasons to Customize Scions

Customizing a car is about more than altering or improving its appearance, it’s also about improving its overall performance as well. By simply changing out the spoilers you can greatly improve the gas efficiency. The reason for this is that having the correct spoilers on your automobile will cut down on the drag, which will enhance the aerodynamics. A vehicle that’s more aerodynamic doesn’t have to work so hard, which also means that it doesn’t burn as much gas as other vehicles. Another customization that can enhance your car’s performance is to change out the type of tires you have. Scion’s FR-S normally comes with 17-inch alloy wheels, but just by switching them out for 18-inch high performance summer wheels can give both you and your FR-S an entirely new driving experience. You’ll notice that you’ll have better and control as well.  

Re-styling Scions

There’s no need to make large or noticeable changes to your Scion. If you want to take better care of the exterior of your car, you can apply a special rear bumper applique that can help keep your bumper free of scrapes and scratches in addition to blocking out UV rays. Paint protection is another subtle modification that you can make that will help your car look newer longer. The special paint protection film is invisible and makes sure that your paint job shimmers and remains clean in addition to keeping debris from the road from chipping and spotting your car.   

Mudguards can protect the underside of your vehicle from harmful items on the road. If you want a more technologically advanced car, you might want to think about installing LCD color screens on the inside of your vehicle. There’s no need for you to spend thousands of dollars on customizing your Scion xB. A few well-chosen changes can give your vehicle an entirely new appearance. You might want to make small changes first before making larger and more expensive changes so that you can be sure of what you actually want your car to look like as opposed to what you only think you want your car to look like.

Under the Hood

There are changes you can make under the hood of your automobile to improve its performance. A high performance air filter can increase the filtration and airflow and help the output of the engine. The nice thing about a high performance air filter is that they’ll last as long as your vehicle does. Dual exhaust is made out of stainless steel that gives the voice of your engine a deeper and more powerful sound. Rear spoilers limit how much lift your car has, which can make for making your vehicle easier for you to handle. Alloy wheel locks are just as functional as they are stylish by adding an extra layer of security to your car by making it harder for tire thieves to get their hands on your alloy wheels.

No matter what kind of modifications and customizations you want to make your vehicle, you’ll want to make sure that all of the work is done by a highly experienced expert who is familiar with customizing your model of automobile and has all of the parts that you’ll need. You also shouldn’t be afraid of spending a bit of extra money on high quality products if it means getting more use out of them. Customize your car and make it an extension of yourself on four wheels.     

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