Dacia Duster Began Producing The 2-liter Gasoline Engine and 140 Horsepower for Foreign Markets

Duster in uzina de la Mioveni (sursa - 0-100.ro)

Dacia produced in the first quarter, two SUVs equipped with gasoline Duster 2-liter, 140 horsepower (HP), intended for foreign markets, told officials 100.ro 0-Dacia. The appearance of this top model has been suggested since July 2010 by officials of Renault and Dacia.

The statistics of Automotive Manufacturers and Importers Association (APIA) in Romania to export two units appear Duster 2-liter engine and 150 horsepower. Ask where these cars will be sold and if the engine does indeed have 150 hp, Dacia representatives said: “It’s Duster equipped with 2.0L engine (140 hp), intended for foreign markets” .

The Renault range there is a 2-liter gasoline engine and 150 horsepower.

Since July 2010 the Renault and Dacia officials have talked about the possibility of introducing a more powerful engine Duster associated, perhaps, and an automatic gearbox .

Dacia officials did not provide what the market will be sold Duster 2-liter engine, but chances are that this version will be reserved for markets in the Middle East and / or Russia. Given that only two cars were exported, it is most probably sent some test machines or approval in those countries. The fact is that not much will take will be released until Duster 140 hp engine, even for export.

Markets in the Middle East (where they sell both branded Renault cars, and Dacia) and Russia (where cars are sold under the Renault brand only) benefit of Dacia cars, namely Renault, unprecedented in other countries with equipment such as box Automatic transmission models such as the Sandero, Logan MCV and Logan.

If the two units Dacia Duster wore logo, then a 2-liter engine is the largest and most powerful ever mounted on the Dacia range. However, Automobile Dacia Renault produces cars under the brand, for certain markets, so the mystery will be elucidated later.

Renault engineers are working on several projects, little known to the general public, as revealed this visit to RTR .

0-100.ro Dacia Duster tested equipped with 1.6-liter gasoline engine, 105 hp. You can read the full test here or you can just see the video version (shorter) below.

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