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Dervish vs.. Apex 37

Dervish vs.. Apex 37

This is an article giving a brief insight into the differences between the Apex 37 (2011) from Original Skateboards and the Dervish from Loaded Boards.

This is an ongoing debate, as riders of different styles have different needs. It really depends on what you want to do, but also how you want to do it. There is a lot of tension between those people that ride original trucks and those people that not only don’t ride them, but also hate them with a passion. I personally see strenghts in both types of trucks, springloaded and normal. I started out on a Original Pintail 40, but after riding a few of my friends boards I got used to both kinds of trucks. I believe that is more the trucks that a lot of people who don’t like the board hate, rather than the deck itself. The decks themselves are in most aspects quite similar, they are around the same weight and the dervish is only 4.5in longer, so physically they are fairly similar. In my opinion, whilst the dervish is very good, I think the Apex is a more freeride friendly board.
The Apex is supposedly more ‘Hightech’, but the development and materials used are only advance as the techniques, materials and development behind the Dervish. So far in all accounts I believe that the dervish and Apex are quite an even match. Some people will disagree with me on this, and that’s fine because it is really the riders personal preference and opinion that defines whether they should have the Dervish or the Apex. I believe that either one outshines the other in certain aspects, and with some getting used to anything is achieveable on both.

Personally I want to get the Apex, but the Dervish would come a very, very close second. In fact the closeness really depends on how much money I have spare. Because if I could I would get them both, because it is so hard to choose between the two.

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