Differences New Honda Cbr150r Versus CBR 150r

The shape is totally different, even more impressed than the previous model. Fairing and light design really shows that this time the design is made more aggressive and dynamic.

Starting from the front to the stern, strict lines combined aerodynamic curves create the look of the CBR 150R is indeed fit for speed enthusiasts. However, like his brother with a capacity of 250 cc, the position of sitting on the CBR 150R is not too bent, so it is still convenient to use in dense urban traffic.

New CBR 150R Vs CBR 150R

To be further examined, as well as her brother looks CBR 150 quarter-liter capacity, like the Honda VFR 1200, sport touring motorcycles. Both the headlights and fairing curve was similar.

So did the muffler, if the front display is inspired by VFR 1200, while in the exhaust designs are from moge Honda, the Honda CBR 1000RR a little box that has a design on its mufflers, so anything on the CBR 150R is, exactly trapezoidal.

Although, in part a cover that covers the muffler ‘original’ in it. But now it seems to be a trend this muffler cover a separate matter. In addition to protecting users and others from the exhaust heat shock, can also make the look more stylish.

Well, it’s exhaust gas flow is led in the exhaust, but the source is certainly at the heart of the motor, which is 150 cc engine is being held under the fuel tank. This machine is still berspesifikasi same time, the engine 4 stroke, 4 valve DOHC, liquid cooled with electric fan as a coolant in the radiator.

It looks the same as the old machines, just a few things like the clutch cover is designed more futuristic. The biggest differentiator is the fuel supply system. No longer the carburetor, but uses more advanced technology.

Fuel injection system typical Honda PGM-FI, a source of fuel input to the engine. With this injection system, is expected to reduce exhaust emissions and more efficient in fuel consumption.

So even the fuel capacity to be larger, about 13 liters. While still using the 6 speed transmission, like its predecessor. Then, the use of disc brakes at the rear wheel was still relied on to reduce this rate of CBR 150R.

Other futuristic part can be seen on the speedometer. Of course the speedometer with a digital instrument panel and the display is analog tachometers prioritizing, inspired also from moge Honda VFR 1200.

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