Download Hill Climb Racing for Pc

Hill Climb Racing is a game that is very addictive hill climbing and much-loved gadget users . Players have to keep the balance of the vehicle with two buttons , the gas and brake to achieve the furthest distance and collect as many coins . Coins are earned will be used to purchase new vehicles , upgrading the machine , or buy a new arena .

This game also supports in- app purchase to buy coins with real money .

Hill Climb Racing can be downloaded for free on Android , iOS , and Windows Phone . In addition to smartphones , this app is also available for Windows 8 tablets and PCs .

Hill Climb Racing Features of Windows 8
17 types of vehicles that can be used
Upgrading vehicle parts , including the engine , suspension , tires and 4WD
17 different arenas are equipped with level
Share screenshots to social networking
Great graphics and smooth physics simulation
Designed to still look good on the divide with low and high resolution
Real turbo sound

+ + Hill Climb Racing

Can not wait to play it ? Hill Climb Racing for PC can be downloaded for free via the Microsoft Store with more kurag size of 18 MB .

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