Driving Under The Influence – Good Bye Letter

Dear Mom and Dad,

            As you would expect, you were right. The pain and suffering you are probably going through right now is most likely unbearable and with my deepest respects, I am truly sorry. On the night of the 18th of December, I was with some peers from school. Together, we were at a party and being irresponsible. We decided to do something very wrong, which was to drink alcoholic beverages underage. Not only was drinking irresponsible of me, but using my altered judgment, I got in my car and drove home with my friends. From my perception, while under the influence, I seemed to have been driving under control, but loss of perception has not allowed me to drive as safely as I could have.

            On the highway, we were driving at a fair rate of forty-five miles per hour, but with my unreasonable judgment at the time, I veered off into the opposite flow of traffic, catching other drivers off guard. As I approached the oncoming vehicle, all I could do was think about how much I wanted to apologize for being at fault to both of you. I am sorry I have disappointed you and I wish that I did not have to say goodbye in this manner. Luckily, no one in any other car was injured due to the collision created by my poor judgment as well as impaired vision and motor skills.

            I was pronounced dead at the scene of the collision, but did not die on impact. After being hit by the other car, my head was severed quite severely, but to the point where my basic functions were still active. The Emergency Medical Team stated that the cause of death was due to loss of blood. During the time after the crash to my death, my life began rolling through my head, going year by year, pinpointing many trials and tribulations I have conquered, but many I have not experienced due to this one grave mistake, which is irreversible and ruined my life, and the memory, which will stay with me for all eternity.

                                                Sincerely with my utmost respect and sorrow,

Your Beloved Son

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