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Eight World’s Worst Cars

Eight World’s Worst Cars

World’s Worst Cars.

The cars are ugly and some even produced by leading manufacturers in making cars the world standard with high performance. But they also sometimes make mistakes

1. Aston Martin Lagonda wagon

This ugly cars made between the years 1976-1989, when it launched is expected to compete with Rolls Royce and Bentley. But what happened?

2. AMC Pacer

It’s like a roller skate car was pregnant. Uh, no, this AMC Pacer in 1975.

3. Reliant Regal

UK Car horrible tricycle big enemy “Mr.. Bean” is contrived not use the steering wheel.

5. AMC Gremlin

There seems to be a strange reason that makes this one ugly car body, I do not know what the reason. One more, whether accidental or not, this car was launched in 1970 to coincide with April Fool’s Day.

6. Nissan S Cargo

Actually the model for granted, just that makes it ugly headlights. such as Sponge Bob’s pet snail eye. Made between the years 1989-1992, the name could mean “Small Cargo” or perhaps “Escargot” which in French means snail.

7. Ford Edsel

This ugly car weighs 3 tons with similar seating on the toilet and the odd super-shift the transmission. This car is “already” produced, while other brands have so far never minded weird like that

8. Fiat Multipla

This strange car, launched in 1998. The design is like a giant duck rubber doll.

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