Experience The Truth

Open Your Eyes and See the life

How do you experience the Truth? Why to do that? There is a Way which makes you to experience the truth of you and your life. There is a need why you need to do this.

The Human Memory is an amazing thing which has no limits for storage’s. Memory makes you to go ahead everyday in your life. Memory is like self shadow which walks with you, sees with you, reads with you, and even sleeps with you. Memory has everything of you: lies and trues, prides and disgust , past and future guidance. It enables you to relieve the moments you cherished, enjoyed, frustrated, loved and many more in front your eyes..

Life is never a smooth path to anyone. Everyone goes through the ups and downs but only those who know how to survive and rise will hold better life. There is a way that everyone can use to survive and rise from their defeats in the life.

When you are going through sad emotions, depression, family problems or having busy life, not at all having fun or searching for peace or had failed in your current process …. you can always make a comeback in few minutes. Just Sit down , open your eyes and relieve your past moments.

Reliving in moments like where you had lot of joy, fun, pride will make you to feel better , gives you the peace needed and makes you to forget the sad things. For example, When you are crossing the school in which you have educated will always bring back the good and bad moments you had in school. Those moments makes you to get attached with your friends, forget the present and gives you immense pleasure for few minutes… sometimes even a drop of water from your eyes makes you to feel good.

Then moments like where you had sorrow, disgusted and fighting can always encourage/ motivates you. Moments like where you have been blamed for doing wrong things and cursed for doing good things.

Likes this for every problem , there is a solution. A solution written by ourself for our own problems.

From my personal experience ,  A man who relieves his past moments will always become better human being which in-turn helps him to get success in his life.

I wrote this article based on my real life experience and also the information shared by some of my friends. Also this is my first article , so be kind if i made any mistakes.

“Life is great when walking with memories”

Vishnu Kumar

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