Fact About New Fiat 500 Abarth

“The Fiat 500 is the darling of women, hardly any cars only partially interested in the little lady keeps you cool retro-Italian with the big eyes and chubby child-like body. But beware, not all 500s are so sweet, as they look. Associated with the scorpion logo in the right even toxic. The pumped-up 500 hot then officially no longer Fiat, but Abarth. Named after the former race driver and tuner Carlo Abarth Fiat. What’s that? Fiat has the opportunity to have success against the more expensive mini position. If that’s not a bit too high, clears the test.

The fact that this 500 is not quite normal, he shows no shame sill, aprons, spoilers, gills, rear diffuser and two gleaming chrome exhaust tips are more than just a light sweat suit. As many as four logos – in the face of the tailgate and one each side behind the doors – to clarify the interested viewer from any angle on it that this is a vile 08/15-Fiat Abarth and no parking.

Amorous interior detail

With great attention to detail and the interior was finished. Stitching on the leather seats, make the steering wheel, shift knob and hand brake as well for a high quality impression as the technically cool aluminum pedals. A special instrument supplementary information about the charging pressure and gives the commands for the optimal switching time.

Is very small but not perfect the fine: the perfectly fitting sports seats themselves lack a lumbar support – so the driver always sits a little round-shouldered. And for the most part a bit too far forward, because the small, flat-bottomed sports steering wheel can be only in height, but unfortunately not adjusted longitudinally. The expert driver recalls the seat position then always to the Fiat Panda, which builds on its platform 500 ultimately.

First of all: on the center console there is a button for the sport mode, which always – always real! – Should remain active. In normal mode, namely the Abarth quickly loses its appeal and annoying with a lot of smooth, indirect steering, a murderous moderate turbo lag, sluggish throttle response and a constant admonition to up shift indicator.

Scorpion stings only in sport mode

In sport mode, which is then quickly forgotten: the 1.4-liter turbo engine responds spontaneously to the accelerator, turn freed up and shakes the 135 hp is the only way out of his sleeve. Also, the passage is true, 206 Nm of torque is a force of only 1.1 tons of light for a car. In 7.9 seconds, the scorpion sprints to 100 km and takes it from his fiercest competitors, the Mini Cooper similarly expensive, more than a second. Maximum running the Abarth 205 km / h fast – the speedometer needle struggling in front of it to the 220​​-mark. Impressive, how confident spurt of riot-dwarf even at these high speeds straight.

And yet, the declared favorite stretch of twisty country roads are bad 500 – the most easy to view upon which it is the after-Rowdie then also can be explosive fun. The tight steering is precise, the 5-speed manual gearbox is out crisp and the suspension firm but not overly tuned (and therefore better than the standard sport suspension). Thanks to a distribution of torque to the front axle (TCC) and the traction is largely without problems, the front wheels pawing only rarely.

Wilder indicator

In addition to a well-proportioned, plump hands-brake system. Avoidable blemishes with high Peinlichkeitsfaktor: The automatic emergency flasher function is set too sensitive. Already at the half-hearted releases the braking electronics alarm, a sporty driving style, the Abarth bangs wildly flashing of turn to turn.

At all sportsmanship, the Abarth is in everyday life but behave quite. Here only annoy the clunky reverse, the result of the large wheels and the poor turning circle due to the short wheelbase Hoppel tendency to wave slopes. The engine, however, is (almost) silent, consumption is perfectly fine. Comfortable road games cost an average of 5.3 liters Super per 100 kilometers, at a constant speed of 130 flow through 6.5 liters. Binary drivers who see themselves only at full throttle and the brakes need it – typical turbo engine – expected consumption levels between twelve and 14 liters.

18 100 €. Sounds brutal first time after much for a small Fiat. But the well-equipped Abarth 500 is actually just more than a small car lifestyle. With its precise driving performance, its powerful turbo engine – which, if desired, can also move sparingly – and high attention to detail, the new Corsa on the bubble car to a sporty toy for men. The Mini Cooper (120 horsepower, 18 300 euros), he is an absolutely worthy opponent. The biggest difference: The Abarth is the sporty, the Mini offers balanced chassis. Other small car-like pop-guns to the Suzuki Swift Sport (125 PS, 17 700 euros) or the Renault Twingo Sport (133 PS, 14 890 euros), the sharp 500-a decisive step forward: It is also used in women very well.

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