Family Fortunes Part Five

designed by Delagarde and body by Bionier, the operation having been achieved in a record time. Not much remained of the Gregoire prototype… but it still had a chassis part in cast aluminium and panels in aluminium. It was thanks to the Dyna that we were able to find our feet again.With a peak annual output of 14,000 cars, the Dyna X was profitable, but not fantastically so, says Panhard: “Making it in the numbers we did was a major leap forward. Facel supplied the bodies, and that worked well. But doing it that way the prices were higher. It would have been more profitable if we’d made it in a factory outside Paris. We were buried in Paris, which was a mistake, in retrospect. Assembly of the Dyna was in a building with three different levels – it was primitive: the conditions were positively acrobatic.

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