Ferrari FXX

  Ferrari FXX is a super sport car with which Ferrari aims to improve the level of driving performance of their most respected clients to the level of their own test drivers.
Powered by the impressive 6292 cc V12 engine, FXX pulls 800 horsepower at 8500 rpm. Extremely fast transmission is the result of technology transfer from Formula 1. Speed changing is less than 100 ms, which is almost as fast as the Formula One race car.

What particularly distinguishes Ferrari FXX is a complex telemetry system which monitors and provides feedback about 39 dynamic parameters of vehicle in real time. These data will be analyzed by Ferrari technicians who will discuss this with individual clients to make car constantly updated.
Every customer who buys this super sports car automatically becomes part of the Ferrari team, and his ride is followed by Ferrari specialists and technicians. All data collected in this program is then analysed and compared with the data of the Ferrari team in Formula One, and with Ferrari professional test drivers.

Engine type: rear, longitudinal 65 ° V12
Total volume: 6262.42 cc
Maximum power: 588kW (800 hp) at 8500 rpm
Weight (dry): 1155 kg
Fuel tank: 112 l
Transmission: electro-hydraulic F-1 6 speed + reverse
Auto Type: Two-seat Berlinetta
Top speed: 345 km / h

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