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Five Fascinating Eco-friendly Two-wheelers

Five Fascinating Eco-friendly Two-wheelers

Two-wheelers are considered to be the favourite and effective form of transportation for city commuters. They are easy to park and very effective for traffic congested cities. Here are some fascinating two-wheelers specially designed for bike lovers.

 1)The Biona:

Designer Jordi Poblet’s two-wheeler “The Biona” is specially for hungry environmentalists. The bike is designed to deliver a complete emission-free ride without leaving any hazardous substance. The Biona is an electric bike and it is constructed from eco-friendly materials. In addition to its eco-friendly features, the two-wheeler is also studded with the most advanced technology of the 21st Century to deliver an efficient ride. Via


German car manufacturer Volkwagon unveiled its latest electric-powered two-wheeler – E-Scooter, at the Shanghai Motor Show, 2011. This lightweight two-wheeler is designed to offer affordable mobility to the city commuters.  E-Scooter is powered by a 350-watt electric motor that gives the scooter a speed range of 30mph. The E-Scooter can also be used with a lithium-ion battery instead of the electric motor. Moreover, the user can also extend its performance by replacing the electric motor with a 700-watt motor. Volkswagon expects to lauch this cute lightweight two-wheeler in Chian by the year 2012. Via

 3)The Dual Pod:

Designer Ryan Davis Francis conceived a very unusual looking two-wheeler for rough terrains. The Dual Pod is a green vehicle that is powered by solar panels to empower the motors. This two-wheeler features two special non-pneumatic wheels constructed from splined flexible blades. Via

 4)The Sperm Bullitt:

Europe’s leading sperm bank The Nordisk Cyrobank’s two-wheeler The Sperm Bullitt is specially designed to encourage people to donate sperms. The purpose of the bike is to transport  sample of sperms to fertility centre across the city of Copenhagen, Denmark. The two-wheeler resembles a big sperm cell and consists a cooling system inside for the samples. Via


Germany based PG Bicycles created the world’s fastest electric bicycle “Blacktrail”. The two-wheeler can go at a speed of 100kph. To make it more eco-friendly, Blacktrail consists a 48 volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery,  frame made of carbon, magnesium, titanium and high alloy, and fibre wheels. Via

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