Five Reasons Why “Titan 4L Car Cover” is an Amazing Car Cover Product

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Full-Protection– Not all car covers could shield cars from heavy rains, snow, or hail, but the Titan 4L is excellent at protecting the vehicle in all kinds of weather, so whether the car is left indoor or outdoor, the car is guaranteed to be protected from unwanted mess. With Ultrasonically Welded Seams, 100% waterproof and non-abrasive, this cover is guaranteed to give your car maximum protection. A customer I knew put this on his mustang, and noticed that it was soft and waterproof -perfect for any kind of weather condition. It is

Quality Material- With 4 ultra-thick layers, 3 outer layers of Polypropylene, and 1 inner layer of Fleece, the material of this car cover is truly first-class. The texture of it feels smooth yet durable and thick.

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UV Treated– Its UV protection material hels prevent your car’s paint from fading. It also leaves the car cool. This is a perfect cover one could use to prevent your car from being too hot, especially during the summer.

Easily Fits– With full-elastic hem, this car cover gives just the right fit for your car. No hassle when it comes to covering.

Well-secured- With buckles, straps, and compatibility with Cable & Lock Kit to secure the sides of the cover’s attachments, it is safe to say that the Titan 4L gives the ultimate no-worry benefits for anyone’s car.

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