Ford and Gm Develop New Transmission System

Both said that this collaboration will enable them to design, develop, build, test, validate and provide new transmission is much faster and at lower cost than if they develop it themselves.

Both are probably competing against each other in terms of sales, but they turned out the difference principle could also be ruled out for the future progress of his company.

Both recently signed a deal to develop the automatic transmission 9 and 10 fuel-efficient acceleration.

Detail earlier mentioned that the transmission will be used on crossover, SUV and truck in front-wheel drive variant and rear.

Use a 9-speed automatic transmission in a compact car called will result in a 10% improvement in terms of fuel economy compared to a six-speed transmission.

“The engineering team of GM and Ford have begun preliminary design work on a new transmission,” said Jim Lanzon, VP Global Transmission Engineering at General Motors (GM).

“We are each using their own control software to ensure that each transmission remains matched the DNA of each company’s vehicles,” said Ford Chief Engineer as quoted from Autoblog.

GM and Ford say they will release more technical details on vehicle and application for new transmission before its release.

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