Four Car Features to Keep on Your Radar

Even today, we’re still stunned by the benefits of such automotive features as OnStar or an iPod hookup and the new car technologies out there. But would you believe there are more astonishing features for which to keep watch?

Like a squad car for your local police department, keep your radar charged for these state-of-the-art features you might find in your next family vehicle.

Rearview Camera/Rear Park Assist

For the first time, parallel parking is a delight! No longer a horrible, dismal road to failure (unless you’ve practiced for years), this wonderful feature allows you up close and personal viewing of anything you might find on the ground by your tires – such as needles, glass, bikes, people, that sort of thing.

Even better is the detection feature, beeping when you’re too close to any object, be it the fender of another vehicle or even a big, fat bird with a broken wing. It’s better than a standard rear-view or side-view mirror- and saves you from getting your car insurance rates hiked.

SIRIUS Backseat TV

And you thought that rear-placed DVD player was cool; goodness knows your kids thought that, too. Introducing SIRIUS Backseat TV, which is an exclusive Chrysler feature, offering a real screen that currently boasts three standard cable channels – Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and the Disney Channel.

Keep a close eye on this feature, too, because more mainstream channels might be offered in the near future!

Hard-Drive Based Sound Systems

As it’s always popular to bring the iPod in, imagine a vehicle that is already equipped with a standard hard-drive jacked into the stereo sound system! What’s amazing about it is that it’s part of your vehicle’s manufacturing. There’s no separate device.

You don’t need to bring the iPod and hook it up; you’re already hooked up! Enjoy all your favorite tunes as if you were really listening to your obsolete satellite or FM radio without any cords – pretty convenient.

Swivel ‘n’ Go Seating

Stow’n Go Seating was a handy thing brought on by Chrysler, but you know what’s even cooler? Swivel ‘n’ Go! The same automotive company outdid themselves in 2007 with that innovative style of seating, basically allowing your minivan to turn into a virtual camper.

Your kids can turn their seats toward the back and can even utilize a built-in, floor-stowed table, allowing them the ability to play games, eat lunches, and talk about SpongeBob to their hearts content (while using SIRIUS Backseat TV, of course).

That pretty much tells you of the possibilities the automotive industry will bring. From the very beginning features were the cherries on top of that proverbial sundae, and it’s only been getting better and better.
Who knows what will come next?

Maybe an onboard Netflix service, or your Dish Network. Flying cars, anyone? That might spell a problem with air traffic control and air space, but we’re a malleable crowd of humans capable of working things like that out! All in all, watch out for these current features, because they’re the cream of the crop.

Most automotive brands can come equipped with these features at an extra cost, and in this growing technological age, it may be worth it, especially for your family.

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