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Fuel Efficient Stance Ala Toyota Avanza

Fuel Efficient Stance Ala Toyota Avanza

Fuel Efficient stance ala Toyota Avanza.

Jakarta – Toyota Avanza Veloz is one of the cars ‘a million people’ to be netted fuel control policy. To save fuel usage at least there are some things you can do.

The first does not carry a lot of stuff in the car.

“Bring only necessary items,” advises PR Manager of PT Toyota-Astra Motor Rouli H. Sijabat on the sidelines of the Toyota Camry test drive in Nusa Dua, Bali on Friday (04/27/2012).

Often unconsciously we put too much unnecessary stuff into the car. Normally goods brought on the trip was not previously removed from the car again when later needed assuming easy to find.

Not only goods for the needs of family activities that can add to the burden of a car. The addition of accessories also make the car more heavy burden, especially replacing the rim becomes larger and wider.

Yet more and more goods being transported, the car’s weight automatically increases. The more weight the car weight, engine power for the greater menghelanya.

“The greater the power the engine out, the more fuel is needed,” says this man.

The next effort is to keep saving engine speed at optimal conditions. The car that runs on the optimal RPM, the more efficient consumption of fuel.

“For the Veloz, optimally at 3-4 thousand RPM,” said the man was smiling.

Jakarta traffic jam that requires stop and go, been known to make less wasteful fuel consumption. But can still be suppressed by normal driving behavior. Not as hell.

“The move teeth gradually, do not jolt or even made a full pull-pull,” he continued.

Rouli not agree to any other ideas to save money by mixing Pertamax-Premium.

Sepetahuannya no accurate study of the ideal composition of the fuel mix of the two different types of ‘caste’ it showed that maximum performance.

“To be sure oktannya will go down. When using a lower octane fuel than the manufacturer’s recommendation, the short-term impact that is felt is machine ngelitik. Long-term impact, broken piston, the more expensive the fall,” said Rouli.

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