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Next, there were no sheets for transportation below, which is critical because the support for balancing supply with charger significant speeds when cornering. All the lights of several, such as headlights and tail lights have been hidden. Rear window was given type elegant look that was popular in the 1966 – 1967 Pontiac GTO. The highest honor in 1968 allows the charger to grow, including muscle cars and trucks have become an iconic R / T. This was a particular faith are presented for all vehicles that have a particular embodiment of the higher of the two engines developed 440 Dodge Magnum and 426 H

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There had been considerable progress in the suspension and brakes, with additional support for the car may be able to handle multiple jumps easier. The interior of the car was quite spacious, with the rest of 1968 charger can accommodate six people today. The many extras built-in power windows, ashtrays hidden, front head restraints, must use seat belts for front passengers to perfection rear outer wheels and padded rear window defroster. Together means these characteristic elements which charger would be recognized for their reliability and speed. A very good illustration of what happens when the movie Bullit will be stored in the streets of San Francisco with the charger has no problems and much more prepared to take care of jumps with tight corners compared to 1968 Ford Mustang.

Evidently, the 1968 Dodge Charger an icon for this price, power and high-end muscle cars and trucks are well known. What would the 1968 model is very special because it was the first time that Dodge was willing to make major improvements to its unique style and design. This was important for the simple reason that these changes set the standard for the design of the muscles in the car and the style of all the major U.S. automakers.

Automobiles of the world’s rapid technological development to fuel cars and trucks more productive, realize that there are limits to terrestrial sources of pollution and can lead to dangerous complications Chevalier, the earth and the Beast. At the same time exact, a manufacturer of motor vehicles is to support the electrification of vehicles and the improvement of bio-fuels, some seem determined to go far to deliver significant performance cars, even if that power is bad for fuel efficiency.

Raw energy

Three of Detroit automakers leading fuel economy in a major way. Base engine, electrified its Chevrolet Volt, the company offers its Ford Transit Connect Electric and will soon be a measure of the electric battery and Chrysler are looking for a new type of hybridization, in collaboration with the Society of Environmental.

But the three automakers also offer the greatest cars of the functionality and efficiency of the fuel compact. Versions do exceptionally powerful cut to three: the sleek Chevrolet Camaro, the iconic Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger retro. The three “pony cars” or core business has cut fuel-efficient V-6 versions. Now also comes with a supercharged V-eight engines, supply of all lovers of the raw energy you want.

Dodge Hemi

The latest news so hot has to do with the Dodge Charger SRT8. This design will have a better plum 2012 K, as 4.6-liter HEMI V-eight is committed to providing 465 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque.This machine cry more likely to drive the car from zero to sixty km / h in 5 seconds, a bullic ioso ‘hold on the handle “peak speed.The figures are impressive quarter mile, and estimated that about twelve seconds. And with a top speed of 175 mph, you are ready to leave everyone, including the distinctive blue light in the mirror looking back. The other did not.

For you to believe that this line-leading Dodge Charger will melt ice caps and drowning polar bears want to eat dinner, relax. In fact, the charger will swallow gas, but also with “fuel-saving technologies”, built close to four cylinders when not needed. Highway cruising at a steady pace and hot rod run on only four cylinders, the provision of four off. Figures in the economic climate of the fuel is not yet calculated, but the image obtained at least twenty five miles per gallon, possibly, about 30 miles per gallon with this a

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Other important features include changing variety of experience to facilitate the rapid technological changes in the street and in response to an adjustment of the two modes of adaptive suspension damping, and fitness for a way to better control of the vehicle. Security services and incorporate a lot of speed with adaptive collision detection and monitoring with the detection of the blind spot behind a cross road.

Inside the front seats, most of the charger and strength fabric with perforated insert for the rear grip better finish, heated and ventilated front seats and head restraints are also included conventional reagents. Seat backs are embroidered logos SRT is heated rear seats.

Prices have not yet been established for the new iteration of the Charger SRT8, but $ 43 000 is the price of 2011-model with the best of the year 2012 varies charger should be the same price.

Dodge is the leader of a small university, with its racecourse outdated views, but keep refreshing new style of luxury in the new 2011 Dodge Charger. Dodge Charger is a sporty four-door sedan for five passengers to be large with age. Motor vehicle has been completely revised and improved for 2011 with several new options and standard options. 2011-model is inspired by the original Dodge Chargers in 1960, cool style, good in parts of much better quality, a recalibrated suspension steering power support, a new normal-liter V6 bottom three. 6 and other standard features.

The charger comes in different types, SE Rallye, Rallye Plus and R / T, R / T can also be obtained with all wheels generate.

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