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Gran Turismo Five Photoreel #1

Gran Turismo Five Photoreel #1

I’m the Ansel Adams of Nurburgring.

In a Nurburgring state of mind, I took one of my favorite examples of classic Japanese metal, the 1970 Honda 1300 Coupe 9S, an air-cooled monster that packs a lot of power for its size and age and uncomfortably puts it into the front wheels, making understeer a real problem. Never the less, taking the car out at dawn on the Nurburgring Nordschliefe made some great photo opportunities, especially with the replay seek features added in the otherwise lukewarm Spec 2.0 update.

After that, still in a Nurburgring state of mind, I opted for another Japanese machine to take to the Nurburgring GP/F track, a tuned-to-the-nines Mazda RX-8. This RX-8 has been tuned with a supercharger over more robust turbocharging, trading maximum power for the sheer joy of a 10,000 RPM redline. The Nordic Green Mica painted machine is tuned to where it is competitive in the Supercar Challenge, playing with the likes of a Cizeta V16T and a Ferrari California, and remaining competitive!



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