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Hatsune Miku; The Virtual Diva Taking The World by Storm

Hatsune Miku; The Virtual Diva Taking The World by Storm

With the recent movement of Toyota including Hatune Miku in a commercial, the virtual diva is growing in popularity even more than before. So, just who is this Hatsune Miku, and shat is she all about?

In a recent movement by Toyota, a little piece of japanese pop cuture  has grown even more in populatiy. The virtual diva Hatsune Miku (pronounced ‘hat-SOO-nay me-KOO’) was recently featured in the commercial for the new Toyota Corolla, with one of her most popular songs ‘World is Mine’ playing proudly in the background. 

Now, if you aren;t awar of excatly what I mean by ‘virtual’ diva, I mean that she is literally virtual; she’s a voice simulation software, one of a series called vocaloid. In other words, a computer program made for singing, similar to auto-tune but without having a voice supplied beforehand. She comes with a voicebank, and all you have to do is type in the words you want her to sing and at what pitch you want them to be at. You can change the vibrato and breathiness of the notes as well as an arrangement of other features. If you want more information on vocaloids in general, check out my other article about vocaloid here.

Another question you might have is exactly what is happening in the video. You see, since vocaloid has gained so much popularity, things have grown almost out of control. And with that, once the fandom demended a live concert, it had to be done. So, using incredibly advanced technology, the vocaloids were given a live concert using holograms that danced and preformed for a live crowd. This is what is being played in the video, when you see her on stage. These concerts are seriously hi-tech, and are a great representation of just how big vocaloid has gotten.

I once again encourage you to check out my other vocaloid article for more information about the program and exactly how miku represents the software. Keep an out out for the next growing star, and enjoy a few videos.

Miku’s ‘World is Mine’ with english subtitles

Miku featured in the new Toyota Corolla commercial

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