Help is Accused Lorenzo Rossi, This Explanation Petrucci


Octo Pramac Ducati rider Danilo Petrucci finally spoke about the alleged Movistar rider Yamaha MotoGP world champion 2015, Jorge Lorenzo who claimed that the Italian rider Valentino Rossi inadvertently helping to finish in a higher position in MotoGP Valencia, Spain last month.

Rossi accused Marc Marquez helped Lorenzo, but Lorenzo dressing accused the Italian rider did the same in The Doctor. Petrucci also felt in the spotlight, considering he gave way to Rossi, who started from position terbuncit. Even so, the 25-year-old rider stated that he helped Rossi not because they both come from Italy.

“I read the statement Jorge that the Italian rider helps Vale, it seems he was referring to me. I ‘told you so, that I will give way to Jorge if he is in the position of Vale. I do not want to be a hero, because whatever I do no effect. Yet I would still finish in the same position as well, “said Petrucci, who finished 10th in Valencia.

To Omnicorse, Petrux also said they believed the competitive situation between the rider will return to normal next season. “I think this issue only covers any rider involved. All the riders attend Safety Commission meeting on Friday in Valencia, and the relationship we all have not changed, especially those not involved. I also believe that next season the situation will return to normal,”

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