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Honda’s New 80 Miles Per Gallon Sports Car

Honda’s New 80 Miles Per Gallon Sports Car

The car of the future is here.

     Welcome to the future.  With the release of the 2012 Honda LG-7, the bar has been raised in the hybrid car game, and lowered.  Or at least the price has; the Honda LG-7 is a hybrid car that carries the sleek look and comfort of a sports car with a price tag the average middle class American can afford: the starting SRP is $18,990 to start, and 23,990 fully loaded.

     Using the new prime hybrid technology, the Honda LG-7 pulls 80 miles per gallon highway and 65 miles per gallon city driving; the first time anything like this has been available in the low end price range.  Factor in a five star safety rating, and you have your first automotive no brainer of the new season.

     The one major drawback of the Honda LG-7 is size.  While the front seats will comfortably seat 2 above average sized passengers, the back leaves much to be desired in that aspect.  In fact, if your secondary passengers are anything more than eight year olds, you’d be best served to look elsewhere. 

     But for the samll family, the Honda LG-7 is the perfect combination of safety, affordability, mileage, and luxury.

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  1. lowell

    January 01, 2011

    Very cool looking car…I would drive it.

  2. Rouge Weasel

    January 01, 2011

    I didn’t even want to take my driver’s Ed class until some company (besides ford) could produce a car that averaged more than 45 mpg anywhere. But 80 mpg on the highway? I APPROVE OF THIS VEHICLE. :D <3

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