How to Build a Dock

Building a dock is one of the best ways to make use of a waterfront property. Whether the dock is intended for parking the boat, a fishing spot or just used for enjoying the water, building a dock is a great addition to the outdoor space. The building steps for the dock are as below.

  • Plan the dock. Take into consideration the intended purpose for the dock. The dock can be used for getting in and out of the boat. Others prefer building docks where they can just sit and relax.
  • Take into account the type of building materials to be used on the dock.
  • Find out what the bottom of the water is like. The water bottom could be made of coral, sand, mud or even sand. This makes it easy for the person to know what method to use when fixing the dock poles. Then, find out the distance from land to the boat as well as how deep the water is and the boat’s size.
  • Design the dock. Majority of the docks have two sections; the first, which comes off the land, is approximately 10 to 16 feet in length. This dock is attached to the wider section measuring about 12 by 12 feet.
  • Decide if the dock will be floating or be fixed to the floor of the water. When building a dock, use the best type of lumber wood which is treated, they are easily available from the local lumber shop. The boards should be either 2″ by 6″ or 2″ by 8″.
  • Start by building the wider frame of the dock, which can be either rectangle or square. For the narrow dock section, build it by laying three 12-foot boards measuring 2″ by 6″. Cut one four foot board, and then affix it to the three boards. This forms the frame of the long dock section. Add floorboards to the top of the frame. Follow the same procedure for the wider section.
  • Place support posts if the ground the water can support such posts. For the support posts, use 4″x4″ wooden posts and then use a mallet to secure them into the soil.
  • Proceed to merge the two dock sections using eyebolts that go through all the parts of the dock. Use steel rods and pass them through each eyebolt on both sides of the dock.
  • Attach a post to the dock that will be used to tie the boat. Attach bumpers or rubber tires to protect the boat when it hits the dock.

Add any accessories to beautify the dock, and then enjoy it.


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