How to Buy a Used Car

Gorgeous car far beyond your budget just a few years ago may now be at your level – before being bought by someone. Here is how you buy a used car from a representative or an independent seller.


  1. Search by car ads in as many possible sources, including newspaper ads from dealers and private ads in newspapers and on the internet to see what’s available in your area Many dealers offer certified manufacturers of cars to a previous owner, in generally cost more but offer a limited warranty.
  2. Make a list of all the features you want, along with limits of acceptable mileage and car provided you are willing to buy it.
  3. Set up meetings to see your personal preferences on the spot and bring your best friend good at cars. Take notes.
  4. Ask technical revisions and documents look almost machine.
  5. Ask questions of the seller to remove the possibility of a car with a major flaw concealed. Check car history.
  6. Take the car for a drivetest. How do you feel? Take the highway.Accelerated from 0-100 km / h to see how it behaves. Brake suddenly and see if the car will listen. Let go of everything and put your friend to walk around to see if they go all: brake lights, front and rear lights, hazard warning lights, wipers, radio, heating and radiator. Test all doors, windows and horn. Check the tires are good for some new tires can cost a lot.
  7. When you find a car you like, take it to your mechanic and ask him to do an inspection and complete.
  8. When you manage to get along on a price with a dealer, you will receive the necessary documents, including a bill of sale and registration. If you financed the car will not receive the documents until the car is not paid. Some dealers take care of all documents, including taxes.
  9. When you manage to get along on a price with a private seller, you may not receive a receipt of sale. But you can meet with the Registry of Motor seller to complete the sale documents there.


  • A sale between individuals does not include taxes. They are paid to the Motor Vehicle Register.
  • Walk away if the sellers are trying to close the deal too quickly.There are no hard and made selling selling like “get rid of the car until you realize what is broken.”
  • You will need proof of insurance to register your car at the Motor Vehicle Register, along with sales receipt and car documents.


  • Check the vehicle identification number on the board for the identification number from other parts of the car (under the dashboard or the door frame) and the sales receipt. Inadequate numbers may mean that the vehicle is stolen or have parts stolen.
  • If the seller does not have provisions to give the car to you, means it is not paid and you have to take to the bank documents to the seller. Need to register documents for the car.

 What to be careful  

  • Price
  • Mileage acceptable
  • Revision of technical and repair records
  • No recall
  • Some acts clean
  • A good condition car
  • Apparent good
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