How to Check Car Oil Differential

Rear wheel drive cars have a differential, which works with two rear axles to allow the rear wheels to turn at the same speed when taking a curve.Diferentialiul is a set of gear (a gear) that is filled with gear oil. It is prudent to periodically check to make sure the differential gear oil leaks.


  1. Park on level ground and stop the engine.
  2. Determine if the car is front or rear wheel drive.
  3. Locate differential: is under the middle of the back car, the two rear wheels and has the shape and size of a pumpkin. There spindles (metal tubes) that come from both sides of the differential that are related to each rear wheel.
  4. Jacked both the front and back of the car and support car using four jack stands. Front and back of the car must be the same height in order to check the differential oil.
  5. Locate the nut from one side of the differential. It will be directed to the rear of the car.
  6. Choose a key that fits the nut and turn counterclockwise sense to lose weight. Remove it easy.
  7. Oil should be level with the bolt hole – would be to drain off, or you can check the level with a finger.
  8. If the level is low, add oil. Differential should be pumped. There are small pumps attached plastic bottles of oil.
  9. Replace and tighten the nut.
  10. Move the jack stands and lower the car.


  • Do not check the differential oil than if the whole car is level – otherwise you get a bad check oil levels.
  • If the differential is a constant low level of oil each time a check, you probably have a leak. Look for oil stains and go to a mechanic.


  • There you are getting in a car that is supported only by a jack – always use jack stands.
  • Do not use a normal engine oil – may be too weak.
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