How to Find Good Auto Repair Centre

If you are someone who has always struggled when it comes to right auto repair shop/ car mechanic, then this blog is what you need. Read the tips mentioned below and find out how you can select a good auto repair shop/mechanic for your car.

·         References: Ask for references from the auto repair shop. Remember that a good auto repair shop will always be more than willing to provide references of past/present clients. Call these references to inquire the quality of services. It is always better to be spending little money on calls than regret over a damaged repair service.

·         BBB: Call the Better Business Bureau to check the credibility and reliability of an auto repair shop.

·         Personal recommendation: Ask your family, friends, colleagues and other acquaintances about a reputable auto repair centre. Remember that word-of-mouth recommendation involves approximately 60% of car-buying decision and auto shop selection.

·         Search in advance: It is always advisable that you look for a reputable auto repair shop before your car needs a repair. It will improve the longevity of your vehicle as good auto repair centres offer reliable maintenance services.

·         Price vs. quality: Do not solely go by price. You should remember that when you avail the service of an auto repair shop, you do not only pay for any new part but also for the expertise and professionalism of the technician.

·         National warranty program: Try to search for auto repair shops that have a national warranty program. These shops provide 12-month warranty on service and parts replaced.

·         Repair instruments: When you visit an auto repair shop, look for those instruments your car will need for its repair. For instance, all the modern cars have computer-controlled systems. If the auto repair shop does not have the necessary equipment to diagnose these automated systems, do not take the risk of getting your car repaired there.

·         ASE: Opt for an auto repair shop that has ASE-certified technicians. Note that to maintain ASE certificate, an automotive technician need to undergo training in every 5 years. Every reputable auto repair shop employs ASE certified automotive technicians. This certificate is a mark of good professionalism and expertise.

Apart from ASE, you can also look for technicians that are trained under good mechanic training and auto electrician courses.  

·         Branded car parts: Inquire if the auto repair centre uses branded parts in replacing car parts. Reputable auto repair centres always used branded auto parts as they are of high quality and carry extended warranty.

·         Satisfaction policy: Choose an auto repair centre that gives you a customer satisfaction policy. These policies will help you save money and give you an assurance of good auto repair service.


Your role as a customer

·         Do not fall for other options: When you find a good auto repair centre, it is important to stick to that service provider. Do not get tempted by any other advertisement you see for cheap auto repair/ brake job service.

Cheap service does not necessarily mean good service. Often fraud mechanics use ‘cheap service’ to draw customers and treat them with substandard service.

Remember that as a customer, you need to build a relation of loyalty and trust with your car mechanic.

·         Understand your mechanic: Remember that a good mechanic will never try to misinform you about anything. In case he makes any mistake, he/she will stand for it and do all what is required to rectify it.

·         Do not place unreasonable demands: Understand that the mechanic is a not a machine and follows a systemised work routine. Do not bring your car in the afternoon and expect him/her to do brake repair, oil change, tune-up and filter change in 1-2 hours.

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