How to Identify Gm Hoods – Brands and Logos Using The Gm Name

General Motors has long been the largest auto manufacture in the United States, and although it has since dropped to the second largest in the world it still produces the most vehicles within the United States (more so than Ford and Chrysler).

Throughout the years General Motors has had a large number of vehicle brands, each with a different hood ornament or logo. When looking at a vehicle you can tell if it is a GM vehicle just by checking the hood. Some of the model brands no longer exist, but are still on the road, so t may prove rather helpful to know what the hood logo looks like for each model lineup.


Check out the hood for a design that looks like a stretched out bowtie sign. This is the Chevrolet symbol. The original design actually came from a wallpaper print found in a French hotel and Louis Chevrolet, the originator of the Chevy lineup, liked it so much he used it as the new design for the vehicle.


Read any letters that say GMC. This is a mainly truck and heavy duty vehicle lineup from GM and is geared more towards construction workers and individuals that need the performance of a truck or other vehicle that is able to tow and carry additional material.


Inspect the hood for a red and yellow badge; it typically features grape leaves on the underside This symbol is indicative of Cadillac models, which is the high-end luxury brand by owned by General Motors.


Look for a symbol that has three flag vertical flags that come to points at the bottom. This is then encased with a circle. This is the hook design for a Buick. Buick is a mid-tier auto company and is used as a bridge in between Chevrolet and Cadillac in terms of price and available options.

Shut Down GM Brands

Check for designs of vehicles GM no longer produces. Over the years there have been several model lines completely abandoned. This includes Oldsmobile, which looks like a check symbol with a circle around it, Pontiac has an angular red arrow that points downward and has a small plus looking symbol in the middle.

Hummers, if you can’t tell by their look already, are giant SUVs and actually say “Hummer” on the front of the hood. Saturn, another company that has been dissolved shows one corner of the planet Saturn with a ring around it on a red ink background.

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