How to Maintain The Paint Job on Your Car

When considering car detailing, Perth WA motorists may find the cost prohibitive. A beautiful paint job is integral to maximising the value of your vehicle and could mean the difference between selling your vehicle or failing to secure a buyer. Many people view the external appearance of a vehicle as an indication of the general care and maintenance it has received. This could imply that your vehicle has not received the necessary mechanical attention and be off putting to potential buyers in the future. However, with some basic care and maintenance, you can maintain the aesthetic appearance of your paintwork, negating the need for frequent detailing.

Wash your car often:

The dirt, sand, dust and debris in the air can rapidly deteriorate the appearance of your paint work. Even bugs can compromise the integrity of the paint job. However, you should take care to use the correct tools when washing your vehicle. Just as you would not consider washing your hair with dish soap, you should recognise that it is not designed for washing vehicles. The chemical formula of dish soap is designed to break down grease on dirty dishes, but this can actually damage the paintwork. Instead use a soap or detergent specifically designed for washing cars. This will contain elements designed to supplement the protective layers on the paintwork and maintain its appearance. Additionally, consider what you are using to wash your car down. Many household sponges are actually abrasive and can cause small scratches on the paintwork. Instead use a microfibre cloth. This is a synthetic material which is made using high levels of very tiny threads, allowing the cloth to stay soft while being extremely absorbent.

Dry your car:

Many people are very diligent about washing their car but forget the drying element. While the sun will dry the car out, you are likely to get water spots compromising the aesthetic appearance. When observing professional establishments offering car detailing, Perth WA motorists will notice that the vehicles are always dried thoroughly after washing, using a window blade and chamois cloth. While you may not have these tools, you can use a soft microfibre cloth to dry the car adequately.

Avoid the sun:

The Australian sun is extremely hot and powerful. This can have a damaging effect on the paintwork of your car. You should avoid washing your vehicle when it is in direct sunlight to avoid the soap drying and leaving streaks. Ideally your car should be stored out of direct sunlight under a carport or in a garage, when it is not in use.

Address any issues immediately:

If you notice any small marks or chips in the paintwork, you should address them immediately. It can be relatively simple to repair a small chip but if it is left unattended, it may well develop into a mark which compromises the aesthetic appearance of your car.

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