How to Start Your Own Car Repair Shop

In considering an auto repair shop business, one must have a good knowledge and practice in all aspects of car repairs.  Next, to have a good location that allows for that type of business with no restrictions.  Decide if it will be a general auto repair shop that means doing all kinds of repairs on any part of a car.  This type of auto repair shop will be capital intensive for tools, equipment and labor.  Or, start your own car repair shop is by specializing in only one or two repair works.  There are many types of specializations in car repairs like engine, electrical, transmission, under chassis and body works.

The least capital intensive would be specializing in auto body repairs and repainting.  Tinsmithing tools and welding equipment are cheaper especially when slightly used ones are purchased.  For car body repainting, a one-half horsepower air compressor will do to operate a compressed air orbit sander, aside from spray guns and other compressed air tools.  This specialized car repair shop will ideally be located in a roofed enclosure that could accommodate at least four cars at a time.  If available, find one that has vacant lots around for future expansion.

Sufficient storage room for equipment and tools is important to keep things in order after the day’s work is a must.  Storage room or area should also be available for car parts, as much as possible, beside or adjunct to the shop’s office.   Safe keeping of one car’s parts in one box or shelf will make re-assembly more convenient and safe from pilferage.

Knowledge on how much is charged for different types of body work is the key to having good business and patrons.  Auto repair shops are often classified or categorized starting from one star up to five stars.  A five-star auto repair shop will have all the necessary facilities and can accommodate a big number of cars.  Department of trade and industries would have different criteria in categorizing auto repair shops.  It is in the categories where repair charges are based upon.

Cars under repair will have fuel in their tanks and safety must be prioritized.  There are regulations for repair shop categories on the number and sizes of fire extinguishers that should be easily accessed.  For a body works and paint auto repair shops, there is a higher risk of fire because of the paint materials being used.  Painting areas or booths should have sufficient exhaust fans.  A word of precaution: oil and oxygen when mixed is highly combustible.  Make sure hands and all tools used in handling oxygen tanks should be free from oil.

Now before getting into all the preparations and setting up an auto repair shop business, a target market, like friends, family and associates must be taken into account.  They should be able to help in gaining customers by vouching that you are good at car repairs.  The business will hardly take off if it would simply rely on walk-in customers, unless the repair shop is the only one in the locality.  Location and competition are the important things to consider when starting your own auto repair shop.    

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