In Samsam Tabanan Truck Back, Hit Four Cars

As a result of this incident, a car Suzuki Katana three cars wrecked and dented. Although quite severe, there were no casualties in the deadly accident.
Truck driven by Isnaini (36) from Sumbawa is initially walked slowly from west to Denpasar. Arrived at the scene at 19.00 pm, the truck bernopol DR AB 8287 is started limping. Moreover, the road climbs sharply. Due to overloading, this truck brakes suddenly relieved. As a result, this truck raced down. On the back of the truck, car Suzuki Katana 699 DK AV walk slowly.
Cash only, the back of the truck hit the car driven by Gede Dirgayusa (32) from Banjar Paka, Desa Sanda, Pupuan this. Violence of the encounter, making this car a shapeless wreck. Miraculously, the driver and two passengers suffered only injuries caused by broken glass. All three rushed to BRSU Tabanan.
Katana cars are squashed and pushed then slid to the back, then ran down box car driven P 8781 SQ M. Lutfi (34) from Jember, East Java. This car has a dent on the front. Due to hit hard enough, boxcar participate knocked back, and collided with the Toyota Avanza DK AY 728 who were later Suardika Made from Ivory Poh, Denpasar. This car is still brand new dent in the front.
Do not stop here, Avanza cars pushed to the back end collided with the Honda Jazz bernopol D driven Danawi 1687 OJ (43) from West Jakarta. This luxury car is also a dent on the muzzle. Luckily, the vehicle behind the Honda Jazz managed to avoid, so escaped death. These accidents could make jam on the highway Denpasar-Gilimanuk.
Police Public Relations Sub Paur Ni Made Tabanan Aiptu Suwarni explained, this incident triggered a truck driver who is not careful when passing the road climbs. Moreover, the load exceeds the capacity. ”This is purely a negligent truck driver’s carelessness when the condition of the road uphill,”he said, Wednesday (28/12) yesterday.
Until yesterday, of injuries from passenger Suzuki Katana BRSU still being treated in Tabanan. Their average injury car is punctured by broken glass.

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