“Isn’t That The One Who Just Landed Another Perfect Score?” Abby Heard Someone Whisper

“Isn’t that the one who just landed another perfect score?” Abby heard someone whisper.

“Too bad.”

Abby helped Jake to the parking lot and into the jeep. The others stood by, unsure what to

do next.

“I’m taking him home,” announced Abby, preparing to get into the jeep.

Dennis wanted to fight her decision, but felt he had no right to stop her. This was her

husband, after all– no matter what odd agreement they might of had.

“No,” resisted Jake, taking the keys from her hand. “I won’t let you do it, Abby. I won’t

let you walk away because of me.”

“I appreciate your concern,” replied Abby, “but this is different. I’m not giving up. You

are more important than any tournament. I can try again next year.”

“Please Abby,” he begged her. “Don’t let me ruin this for you. You wanted it so much.”

“You need to go home and rest,” she insisted.

“I’ll drive him back,” volunteered John. “If Jake thinks he can do without you for a few

hours, then maybe you should finish, Abby.”

“I’ll be all right,” pressed the young man, his pale face pleading with her.

“Abby, it’s up to you,” said Terry.

Dennis bit his tongue. He had more to gain by her finishing, but withheld any comments,

for he wasn’t family.

“Okay, if that’s what you want, Jake,” sighed Abby. “Dad, please take him straight home

and call Uncle Terry’s cell phone the minute you get back,” she requested, as Jake got out

of the jeep.

“We’ll take care of him,” assured her father, as he and Izumi led Jake away to their car

parked on the other side of the lot. “We’ll see you later, Sweetheart.”

Jake looked back at Abby before the three disappeared behind several parked RV’s.

“I’m really sorry,” apologized Terry. “He was with me in the store and wanted to leave. I

left him alone. I should have been paying more attention. He hasn’t had a serious

flashback in a while, and I assumed… I don’t know what I assumed.”

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