Can’t Check-in Online, No Seats?

Check-in is open from 28 days up until 5 hours before your flight when you are flying with You can check-in conveniently any time during this period online by providing your reservation’s details. What happens if for some reason you can not check-in online?

Help,”Online check-in is not possible. Please go to check-in at Airport” what is going on?

If you are reading this you do not have to panic. Your reservation is still valid, you do have a place on your flight, but it is likely that all the “normal” seats have been already booked and taken and the only places left are next to the emergency exits. These seats can not be booked online, because the airlines have to make sure that people sitting there can fluently speak English and are capable of helping in case of an emergency.

In this case you will not be able to check-in online, but only at the airport desks. Simply walk up to the desk with your reservation number and passport and tell that you were unable to check-in online. They will print you your ticket in no time without being charged a penny.


It is advisable to arrive a little earlier if you have to get your boarding pass printed at the airport desk than when you have checked-in online, just in case.

Good to know…

It is possible that close to the emergency exits you will have slightly larger legroom, for free. The drawback on the other hand is that when you check-in at the desk, they will ask if you are carrying a hand luggage and if yes, they will weigh it. Now it is not an issue if your bag is under the allowed 10kg, but if it is over, you are in trouble. You will either have to pay and get it inside the planes cargo area or remove something from the bag. (you can not take heavier bags than 10kg on the pane as hand luggage)

I suggest checking-in online at least a few days before your flight, it will really save you the hussle.

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