Lamborghini Car Dead Fate Kanye West

Lamborghini Car dead fate Kanye West

Kanye West proclaimed everywhere as head man of the year hit 35 markers along the way Kim Kardashian (she later angry and blame the paparazzi) are documented in the form of a video that spread throughout the world.

Lamborghini Kanye West is still fine

On Tuesday (14/5), Lamborghini Aventador his car, which is rumored to be worth Rp 7, 3 billion, hit the gate of the house Kim Kardashian in Beverly Hils. But this time Kanye West is not to blame anyone. When Kanye West going off the fence, automatic gate house turns out Kim Kardashian open too long, the wheels finally was a victim. It is not known how many losses.


Sebelulmnya day, Kim Kardashian twitter, “Paparazi almost hit my car today. I still tremble with fear. He nearly made me wretch. When this all end???!!!???

Maybe if Kim out of the reality television show, was not posing on the red carpet, and begin to live more closed, maybe he did not have to deal with the paparazzi.

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